Thursday, March 25, 2010




I've decided that I am going to occasionally post pictures and calorie counts of my meals. I won't be doing this everyday and not even every meal. It's so I can keep track of how my eating habits change through my diet. Right now I have a 400 calorie limit on my meals. I can be below the limit and slightly above but I aim for 400. That seems to keep me full enough that I'm not snacking and gives me 1200 calories at the end of the day at least which is the lowest amount a female should be having.  This was breakfast :

[caption id="attachment_77" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Yogurt, Banana, Kiwi, Almonds and Mango Acai Tea. 391 Calories. "]Breakfast[/caption]

Besides my meal and tea you can see my diet book. I write down everything I eat and drink in there. It's helped me find patterns in my eating. For instance the last three weeks I've either not entered food or only done breakfast. The worse my mood is the crappier I eat. You can see my phone too. I text daddy before every meal letting him know what I'm having and what the calories are. He rarely tells me I can't have what I want but it has happened. Which is why I generally text before I make my plate. Putting effort into something and then not getting it just sucks. Of course, this meal didn't take effort at all. My dinner will though,I may post that, I'm not certain yet. It really depends on how enthusiastic I feel when I am through making it.

These posts wont replace my regular ones. I think I will either add another page to put them on if they seem to be popular or just stick them at the top of a normal post. Not sure yet.

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