Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ding! Round two! ...or is that three?

Seeing as how I have been pouty and totally unmotivated lately and it's quite honestly starting to piss me off things are-a-changin.

I have a crap load of writing assignments I need to get done in the next few months so those are getting first priority. Especially since I have been putting them off because I didn't want to do them. It's no longer a want type thing it's a have to type thing.

I've also decided that exercise needs to be a priority. When I'm going to fit it in... well, I don't know. That has yet to be seen because of the above writing assignments. Even if it's just a walk or some stretching I will do something everyday. Once I get all of my writing done then I will be able to focus more on the exercise. The exercise is really in the third spot.

Since the exercise is an iffy thing right now, second spot has to be eating differently. I went shopping today and bought food. Not the crap everybody else in this house eats, I bought real food that I think master would be proud of. I got a bag of oranges,about 6 kiwi's and lemon. Some asparagus, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms,portobello mushroom tops (oh how I have yummy plans for you!) a pepper and some spinach. I also got some chicken to be stuffed with mushrooms, sun-dried tomato and cheese. I now also have almonds and salmon.

I regularly eat fairly well, I'm not a junk food person generally. BUT! ever since master imposed a calorie limit per meal.. I've really had to look at what I'm putting into my body. I used to make one meal at dinner time and everybody had the same thing. I can no longer do that. I have to make two meals, one for myself and one for everybody else. This is because I finally started looking at labels a year ago. If I had one meal with my family... I would be out of calories for the whole day. My father and brother are very much meat and potatoes people. My mom kinda eats whatever is cooked.. but the boys do not. I sat and figured it out the other day, if I continued to eat the meals with my family... I would weigh over 300 pounds in the next year. They don't necessarily eat badly, I make sure there are veggies and such... but their diet is high in red meat and cheese, and pasta and bread and the boys eat quite a bit of junk. Typical diet really of people who don't pay attention or don't care.All things that are not good when most of your day is spent inside at a computer. I'm learning to care.

In an attempt to not go insane with lack of master I am also going to be planting a patio garden in pots and the like. (First time I typed that it was "pot garden" so not what I meant to say!) This will help with giving me something to do and my diet. I love veggies, growing them is an obvious choice. I just have no idea how the hell to do it or when I can do it without the cold killing my plants. Trial and error I suppose.

I'm taking steps in the right direction.. little steps... don't want to break myself after all. I've been told my trade in value is the shits :)

Ps. Nilla, I followed you on twitter but it's not showing your tweets on my page. I are annoyed!


  1. if you google planting zones, you'll find a chart that will list where you live...for instance, i'm in the northeastern US, zone 5. I can pretty much plant lettuce now, although i could still get a frost or 4 or 5 (grins...) Friday it will be below freezing (brrr) for the first time in 10 days, so i'm glad i didn't plant yet. Pots on concrete can take a bit more chill, as the concrete/asphalt will hold some heat, plus the planter is up off the ground. Most frost this time of year is ground level only (as opposed to windshield height) where i live.

    Tomato's and such delicate plants need to wait until after May 19 in zone 5. I'm starting mine from seed in mid-April, as i have an in-house set up for doing so.

    hope this isnt' TMI...i am an avid gardener. (can y ou tell? *grins*)


  2. Well, considering I know very little TMI is quite helpful.