Monday, March 29, 2010

A Present for Daddy Part 1

I stood looking in the mirror in his room, studying my reflection. I had taken the black robe on and off again at least three times trying to decide if I should wear it. Daddy liked me to look innocent; this was not an innocent robe. It hugged my chest almost like another layer of skin and clipped closed right underneath my breasts. Where it clipped was the only place the to edges of fabric ever met, it flowed down over my hips, the hem barely brushing the floor. I pulled it on one last time and spun in the mirror. The black robe added contrast and some coverage; with the outfit I was wearing I would need the coverage.
            The lingerie I had found managed to cover everything and nothing at the same time. The best lingerie somehow manages to do that. The outfit was pink and made mostly of straps and strings. There was barely enough cloth to cover my breasts as long as I didn’t move wrong and had a small thong to go with it. The most covered area was my legs, I was wearing fishnet stockings that stretched over my calves, up my thighs and attached to a garter belt, pink to match the rest of the outfit. Daddy would love it, that was if I managed to keep him from cutting it off of me before he fully seen it. 

            I sat on the ground to put my makeup on, my hands shaking.  Settling the robe around me like a dark lusty pool.  A little sheer pink eye shadow and just a touch of eyeliner. I put copious amounts of mascara on and curled my eyelashes. I knew Daddy loved how my mascara runs from my eyes; like innocence from my body.

 Staring over at the box near the bed I moved closer. This was my least favourite part of the outfit. I was dressed in straps and strings and sheer fabric; but the shoes, those were the most dangerous part of the ensemble and probably the part he would like the most. Patent black with a four-inch heel they were almost high enough for me to look him eye to eye. The top of the shoes mimicked a cage, nothing but straps and buckles, the bottoms of the shoes had red ribbon laced like a corset from the toes all the way to the heel. They were gorgeous; they were shoes that could break my neck. Luckily I didn’t plan to do much standing in the heels.

            Plopping gently on the end of the bed, cursing for the millionth time Daddy’s love of firm mattresses I opened the box. Sliding the shoes on was the easy part, it took me a minute to do up all the buckles as tight as I could. The last thing I needed was to be sliding around in the death shoes. Standing I looked in the mirror one last time and shook my head. I always managed to feel like a little girl playing dress up in her mommies closet when I dressed like this, though I wasn’t sure I would have ever found an outfit like this in my mothers closet. Sighing I headed for the kitchen. 

Glancing up at the clock I noticed it was almost six o’clock. I knew Daddy would be home soon. I hurried as fast as I dared in the hell shoes to get his plate set on time. I had made his steak earlier, cooking almost naked just didn’t seem to appeal to me though I’m sure Daddy had other thoughts on the subject. I spread a place mat out in front of his seat only, arranged the glasses and the champagne then lit the candles. They were large pillar candles staggering in height, lavender and lilac and one large white unscented candle. I had plans for that one later.

Setting two places at the table, right across from each other I smiled as I placed Daddy’s plate furthest into the room. It seemed fair to me, that end of the table had more space, the other was close to a wall. Daddy is taller than me; it was only logical that he got more room. I stood smiling as I looked at his place setting. I loved how little he always made me feel. Over five inches in height difference will do that to you I suppose.

Looking around, almost happy with the surroundings I went to retrieved my slave pillow from the living room. Kneeling to place it just so on the kitchen floor beside Daddy’s chair then stood up. Again I glanced at the clock. Shutting all the lights off I hurried into the living room, I sat in the middle of the floor on my knees, being careful not to hook my heels into my outfit. Spreading my legs enough to give Daddy the view he would want. I lowered my body down to the floor until my ass was my highest part. Finishing off the position I brought my hands back behind me and clasped them over my back.

Hearing Daddy’s car door slam outside I took a deep breath and put my face against the carpet so I couldn’t see him as he walked in. I didn’t realize I had stopped breathing until he opened the door and I gasped from the air rushing back into my lungs. I struggled to stay in place and not look up as he walked into the room. There wasn’t a light on in the house but there was enough light streaming in through the windows I could see his shadow as he started into the room towards me.

I bit my bottom lip as I listened to him walk closer. My heart was pounding hard enough I could hear it in my ears, rushing, drowning out all other noise and my legs were starting to cramp. Just before Daddy reached me he turned and walked towards the kitchen, causing me to whimper for his attention, only his shadow giving me a moment's attention before it too moved on. I heard his coat land on the couch, probably tossed as he walked by. I heard the creak of the floor as he walked across the kitchen quickly followed by the pop of the champagne cork. Seconds later I heard the splash as he filled the glasses. My breathing slowed as I listened to him move around, his presence alone enough to calm me. The fear I had held on to of him not liking my surprise subsided the more he explored.


  1. well i have to say i love it :) can't wait for what comes next i'll be eagerly waiting

  2. verrry nice...

    thirsty for moar!


  3. Thank you both. I feel a lot less nervous about this post now :) I've never let anybody read my writing but Daddy. Good to know he's not just indulging me :)