Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today, I was Shit Outta Luck on getting anything accomplished.

I had plans, they were good plans, then my soon to be aunt called and had me walk over to my grandparents. When I walked in it looked like a women's department store had blown up. On the left side of the room there were 25 pairs of shoes, to the right there were between 30-40 purses and in the center there was about 15 jackets. Turns out her daughter in law cleaned out her closet. What is listed above is not even half of what she owned.  I honestly cannot grasp the fact that this woman has so much stuff.

I was told to go through and take whatever I wanted. There were some shoes master would love, but they were all half a size too small, the jackets were so not even close to anything I would wear, the purses however.. I found a couple. I say a couple because I had four I has having trouble choosing between and got told to take them all. Which is fine by me considering they were probably worth over $150 all together that I didn't have to spend. Prior to this I did not own a purse, not one. I had a band bag I would carry when I needed something but other than that, nodda. However, just because I got four doesn't mean I get to keep them. Master doesn't like clutter and if something hasn't been used or wont be used for a while... it is going to go in the garbage. Thus, I know eventually I will be told to pick one and to get rid of the rest, so this is a test run if you will. Unless master lets me keep them all but it seems unlikely.

Master is still working 24/7. I haven't heard from him at all in two days, which sucks but since we had our conversation and I know what's going on, I am fine. Just like I told him I would be, clearly the man needs to start listening to me. *Nods head* (I am going to be buggered when master starts reading here by the way.) Since he has been working so much and sleeping so little I spent the other day looking for something to make him feel a little better. I finally discovered I can take pictures with my webcam. I've had the computer two and a half months and I'm just now figuring this out, I know. The brains of the operation has been away okay? Sometimes it takes me a bit to catch on to things.

I took a picture for master, he has yet to see it. He hasn't had time to stop long enough to check his email. I seriously am starting to have violent feelings towards his new boss. Seriously, he has been on the go for almost three weeks now, he's going to burn out. I worry about him because he barely sleeps, rarely eats and just doesn't have time to catch his breath.

I hope they send him home soon, he needs to be taken care of after all of this insanity and it kills a piece of me that I'm not there to do it. It's almost like watching a car run a into a pole... you know the crash is coming and you can do nothing to prevent it.

Not to mention that I miss him, a LOT. They say that distance makes the heart go fonder and it certainly has. I flit over on his Facebook occasionally, looking longingly at pictures and it makes my whole body ache and swell for him. I miss the feel of his skin on mine like it was an addiction. The way he looks at me, that dark, possessive,lusty/sex fulled, "MINE" look?  Yeah, miss that. At this point, I would even revel in a phone call. I would kill to answer the phone and hear his happy, smiling voice say "Hey baby, how's my girl?" I miss him. I need him home now.

Wow... totally did not mean for this post to take that kind of turn. To end on a happy note, I present to you :

My kitteh! ....and part of me.


  1. awww purr face!!! I wanna kitty :( msn is still being a bitch and won't let me install.

  2. Hmm, I have never had that issue. And yes, awww. It's going to kill me to leave her behind when I move. Honestly, out of everything that I would be upset over... it's leaving her that's going to make me cry. (Teared up right there. I loves her, shes my girl.) She is the best cat, if I'm upset/crying she comes in and cuddles me until I feel better, and she loves to lay beside me and wrap her paw in my hair and brush her other paw against my face. Sigh. I'm so in a downer mood tonight, maybe it's best msn isnt working for you haha.

  3. why can't you take her with you!?!?!?!

  4. Depending on where we live we may not be allowed pets. Plus she is pretty old and I think the car ride would kill her. She gets really upset when she has to take a car ride and the minimum would be two hours. And I would be taking her out of the house she has lived in her whole life, taking her away from the dog and 3 other people that she would miss. It would just be too hard on her.

  5. Yeah, i get the move away from kitty thing. sucks. no other word for it, really.

    and know what? it never gets easier. thats coz we have caring hearts.

    i'd hate for it to get easier.

    i so get the missing the Man thing.

    I got a text from Sir around 2 pm. Usually when i work on Sat. i can phone call him for 1/2 hour. But yesterday i didn't go to work, so no call. After 2 pm. i didn't hear one word from him. ( i text a lot, he answers occasionally, but no less than every 2 hours) Around 7 i guess, i sent him a text that i'd not heard from him in FOREVER...and "stuck out my tongue" at him.

    That got his attention! and a response (I so smart!)
    He told me to watch my tongue!

    He told me to call him at 9pm. I did. no answer. I wait 10 minutes. no answer. I call again after 45 minutes. still no answer.

    i get pissy. damnation.

    i'm not gonna email/text today. no. fucking. way.

    i wake up. send a text.

    he replies.
    damn him! he'd forgotten he'd turned his phone to silent, wondered why i hadn't called. (doesn't he check voice mail?)

    men. Doms in particular.

    My Sir in specific.

    hug at you!


  6. Ahh, yes. Master did that to me when he was at home too. I would text.... no response.... couple hours later, send another text, no response. Wash, rinse, repeat. Finally, I stopped sending texts, and ya know what I learned? He will text me when he misses me. If I don't text as often, he begins to miss me, a comforting thought really. Of course, it's rare that I do that anymore....I have trouble not talking to him....he is very much the center of my world ...but that doesn't mean I don't get pissy too.

  7. I also learned the dirtier a text is the higher the chance of him answering it....funny that.