Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A while ago master grew a beard. A goatee to be specific. It was gorgeous in all its glory. It was nicely dark against his skin and made things low in my body tighten. It was a sexy beard. Made me contemplate humping masters leg when I seen a picture of it. I was teased with the beard, turned on by the beard.

Today I learned the beard is gone. He also shaved his head but really, I've been whining about that since master and I got together so that's old news. The beard is a new fresh wound...there is no scab here yet people.  

R.I.P. dear beard. Clearly you were unappreciated in your time, your life ended too quickly.  ...the bastard *it'll be months before master reads this... he can't punish me for things I've previously done right? *Looks around suspiciously** 

Other than the above post this is how you tell I am sleepy!... I have made a serious of texts to master about this atrocity.... all of them made him laugh... the man does not understand my mourning process.

"...ya know, some days I contemplate hiding your is one of those days."

"next time you do that we are having a mourning service for the beard, clearly it was under appreciated this round"

When asked to do something dirty ... "Sigh, I'm not over the beard."

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