Wednesday, March 17, 2010


(*Clears throat* "Lucy, is the coffee perc-o-late-ed yet?")

I've done a lot of thinking today. Okay, that's not entirely true, what I am about to explain came to me in the last 45 minutes. I lightening think, get one idea that spurs another and another and so on.

My diet has been suffering, I do okay for breakfast and lunch and then I tend to end up slipping with dinner or snacking. I think what I might start doing is posting on here what I have for meals, with pictures and calorie amounts to keep me honest and moving forward. I don't think I would post every meal, maybe not even every day but with some regularity. I think it would make me more creative with my allotted calories amounts per meal.  I'd enjoy feedback on this idea as to whether or not it's even worth it.

I was also contemplating writing what exercises I do and how much I burn everyday. This of course is master permitting. 

I'm not certain these ideas will even see the light of day but they seem to be making sense right now. The fact that I am sleep deprived and can't seem to fall asleep may factor into that.


  1. Try having a very light snack around 3 pm. You could be having a low blood sugar surge. I've found that something mid afternoon helps.

    By little i mean...2 pairs of peanut butter crackers (*saltines with a smear of pb)
    or a little thing of yogurt
    no "red light" foods. For instance, I could not eat one piece of cinnamon raisin bread and call this a snack because i'd eat the rest of the loaf!

    A small portion of fruit (small apple, 20 grapes)

    Also, a measured portion of nuts, if you are so inclined.

    and if all that doesn't work, an 8 oz glass of water. Will fill you up and help hydrate you too.

    Hope this helps!
    (oh, is my weight watchers showing??giggle)

  2. See my problem, is that I am much more inclined to have something I shouldn't. If I'm following master's rules for my diet I very rarely snack because I just don't get hungry. He's set it up well enough for me that I get quite a bit a food with very few calories and stay full until the next meal.

    The thing I am having trouble with lately is not sticking to his plan... I wake up with great intentions then as the day goes on I get worse and worse. I think lately, it's emotional eating. It's been almost three weeks since we have been able to actually talk, so I wake up happy and ready..then as the day goes on I lose motivation and gain pout.

    Over the years of failed attempts I have learned a lot as to how to go about things. I know what I need to do, I know what causes cravings, how to get rid of them, what my body needs for calories..etc. I'm just not doing it lately.

    However, I do need to get my shit under control or I am going to have a very sore ass when he gets home. I don't feel like tempting a punishment spanking. Those I am not a fan of.

  3. aaahhh, that kind of thang....gotcha!

    It's so *easy* to know the right damned hard sometimes to do it.


    And my Sir...likes me big. Loves my ass. Will let me lose weight if i need to for health, or want to...just isn't looking for that in our dynamic.

    So. Yeah. I love that Guy! (grins!)


  4. I definitely need to lose weight for health issues. Due to some medical side affects I gained a bunch of weight, then I lost this weight too quickly for my body to deal with and ended up in the hospital and having to gain the weight back. Now I'm slowly trying to lose it... which is proving very hard.

    I think part of why master has put this in our dynamic was he was around when I ended up in the emergency room because of all this and he knows how much the weight bothers me and how scared I was. I don't give it a second thought around him but other than that, I'm always very aware that it is there.

    He's done it to support me, and take care of me; that alone means a lot.

  5. Food is always such a hairy issue, too. Comfort, and anger management, contentment, friendship...all have rituals around food.



    How good that your Master is there to support you no matter what. Yay!

    I have to go laugh at my neighbor. He's raking his driveway. giggle. Talk about OCD! It's a paved driveway. Oh My Gawd! He makes me crazy.


  6. Master does support me, which makes failing even harder because it's not just me I disappoint anymore .

    Haha! I used to have a guy a few doors down from me that would mow his lawn all in one direction and would wash his driveway then take a toothbrush and scrub inbetween the blocks and pebbles.

  7. he must've moved next door to me!! This guy mows his lawn (mulching mower) and then uses one of those blower things to blow the cut grass onto the driveway, then he blows it into a neat pile, and puts it behind the garage. Kinda defeats the purpose of a "mulching" mower, yanno?!

    ps maybe you DO need a spanking
    sometimes it makes everything right again...

  8. Ah, yes. But... there is a difference between a spanking and a punishment spanking. I don't care for the punishment version. I don't like when he is upset with me, sometimes I step it up, other times I stop functioning for a while until I snap out of it.

  9. yes, true.

    and i'm such a newbie that i've not been punish-spanked yet...although i *am* on warning if i cross the line and come off the Wall again during inspection.

    ...and i toy (in my head) with the idea of it. I just don't want to piss Him off unduly. I love being with Him, and challenging Him, but as to being totally unruly....dunno. Not there yet.

    still in the "new bliss" stage!


  10. I haven't gotten a punishment spanking either. I play around and push buttons and tease, etc. But I have never pushed it to the point of needing to be punished save once, and that time he ignored me. He's told me how he differs the spankings and I personally never want to be spanked and left bawling with nothing afterwards.