Sunday, March 28, 2010

A want...oh what a want.

Well, today I had a lot to do. A lot of reading, a lot of writing. Guess how much of that I got done..yeah... nothing.

Everytime I sat down to read or write my mind would start to wander. Somehow it always ended up in the same place. I tried all day to work and not think about Daddy. I failed miserably.

I would sit in front of my paper or keyboard and thirty minutes later I'd snap back into reality a little breathless and more and more excited. I keep going back to our first date, it was months into the actual relationship before he actually got here so we could see each other. He picked me up from my house and took me to a movie. We made it about a block from my house before he was laughing at how nervous I was. Pulling the vehicle over he got out and came to my side, pulling me out into a hug that did nothing to stop the nerves. On the way to the theatre he was grabbing for my hand, kissing my knuckles and teasing me. I was slowly relaxing.

Walking up to the building I walked beside him and reached the door first, I was reaching my hand out for the handle when he grabbed it and opened the door for me. I looked at him and said "I can open my own doors ya know," to which he smiled and said "I know you can, did I imply that you couldn't open a door?" In my defense I have never had doors opened for me, it was new... I get defensive when things are new and make me uncomfortable. By the time we got in to  the theatre I was pretty relaxed and it took all I had to not snuggle up to the back of him waiting in line for the tickets. We were about 40 minutes early for the movie so we had to sit at the little tables across from the concession stand. He was talking about movies and 3D developments... I was listening and smiling at the cute geekyness that shows through with him and he stopped and looked at me. I don't remember exactly what he said seeing as how it was quite some time ago but it came down to him jokingly asking if I had changed my mind about liking him and wanting to be with him because he was a geek. I smiled and said "Nope, I've known you were a geek for quite some time, this was not a new developement." At which point, he laughed at me. (This was the beginning of hours of enjoyment of laughing at my expense which by the way he still does regularly.)

When we got up from the table he stepped to the side and waited for me to walk in front of him. I stopped and looked at him, again a little lost with how polite he is in general and with me. (Really, it's just one big mind fuck. He will open the door for me but once inside will bruise me....his logic is astounding.) We cuddled in the theatre and talked about random things. I was cuddled up to his side watching the stupid little commercial type things they play before the previews and felt his hand on my jaw, bringing my mouth to his. I can't honestly tell you how long the kiss lasted or whether there was tongue or not, there was so much kissing that night and it's been long enough since it happened that all I know was that I loved it. He moved his hand to my throat and started to squeeze, looking me in the eyes as I gasped and made a very girly squeak sound. He smiled at me and  responded with "Oh I like that." As the previews started he pulled me closer to him and moved my hand to sit on his thigh. From that point on I seen very little of the movie. I spent most of the movie with a hand around my throat, and tongue in my mouth. About half was through the movie he leaned over and wrapped his hand around my throat and brought my mouth to his. We were both smiling and it was a playful kiss, that was until I nipped his lip. He made a sound deep in his throat that wasn't quite a groan and pulled my mouth to his harder, pressing his mouth to mine hard enough his teeth pressed up against my lips until I whimpered. This was the kiss I have been thinking about all day today.  At some point during the movie my hand ended up in his lap, squeezing and playing then finally(!!!!) ended up inside of his pants. His hands roamed my entire body, squeezing my chest and then down between my legs, pressing hard against my clit through my pants. By the time we were done I was soaked and he definitely noticed it.

My concentration was shot as soon as he started touching and kissing me. I seen enough of the movie that I followed it, understood it... but missed a hell of a lot of it. But somehow I just didn't mind.

We left the movie and went to a restaurant. I wasn't hungry but master hadn't eaten all day. This was not a high point on our date. We didn't talk for about half an hour because he has a little bit of irritating streak. We were talking about him being moved to another city. At this time he had been refusing to straight out tell me that he wouldn't date anybody while there and he made a joke about dating somebody there. I was not pleased. I told him we could talk again when he apologized. So he ate in silence. Then we walked in silence to the vehicle before he finally broke and asked me what I wanted him to say....laughing that whole time mind you. I know he was being an ass and joking about dating.. but ya know, iffy topic to begin with... then refusing to tell me he wouldn't date anybody... that set off my stubborn streak.

Once we were speaking again (yep, first date and I was refusing to talk to him... I've told you people that he loves to annoy and tease!) we were driving down the road...way too fast by the way... and I had no idea where we were going. We were in the middle of nowhere, it was dark and he wouldn't tell me where I was being taken. Slightly nerve-racking.

When he stopped we were at the entrance to a park. After trying to kiss and play in the vehicle... that was so not set up for it we gave up and headed for a hill. We made it about twenty feet before I promptly stepped in a hole and fell down. (My mother always told me to be myself on a date and boy was I!) As I was stepping in the hole and falling he was telling me not to step there. Yeah, thanks! We went another few feet before he decided it was far enough...probably worried I would fall down the hill. Totally reasonable by the way.

I ended up on my back, his mouth on mine, his tongue in my mouth. This of course only lasted a few minutes, he very quickly grew tired of this and I discovered why he drove me so far out from the houses. He undid my pants and slid his hand inside my panties, finding my clit pretty much instantly. He flicked, and squeezed and slid his fingers inside me now and then but still wasn't satisfied. He took his fingers from inside me and moved up to my clit, baring it from its hood and started rubbing hard right over the most sensitive spot. It lasted a couple minutes before I started moving my hips and gasping. A few minutes more and I was begging him to just finger me, not tease me. Which he did...once. Then retreated back to my clit. I started begging more and yelling "Daddy" which was followed by a smirk and a pleased noise from him. I started trying to roll away and he grabbed my hip, asking me where I thought I was going and told me not to move. This did not happen, but i didn't roll away, I started to roll into him.

Finally he was done, my clit was raw and I was soaked. He moved onto his back and let me stroke him and suck on him for a while. He doesn't orgasm easily, he's never had a girl be able to make him orgasm without sex so after a while he took over. (He still had to drive two hours home)I actually got to watch him orgasm for the first time instead of just listening to him, every nerve in my body was twitching. It took everything I had to stand up and walk back to the vehicle, his hand finding my ass on the way there smacking gently.  All in all, good first date...even if we both did end up going home with grass in bad places.


  1. Great first date story! I know how hard it is to focus when you're feeling lost.

    And it sure would help if you could get a text from him.

    Now you just have to "suck it up" and be a good little slave...make Him proud of you..."see what i did for You, Sir, while You were gone?"

    You have the strength to do this, gave Him your strength but it lives inside of you.

    it's your "nike" moment...just. do. it.

    (because YOU can...for Him)


  2. That comment made me smile on a day I so needed it. 3 hours of sleep plus a lot of work ahead of me just do not mix well. Thank you.

    I know I have the strength, I just have lost puppy syndrome right now. The strength the last few days is overtaking it though. Plus he apologized for "being an absentee Daddy" so that helped a lot.