Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I had a fairly amusing day, managed to offend, shock and bewilder a few people. That always makes for a good day!

Things I have done/ said  that amuse me in bullet styles!

  • My ex asked to be entertained. I said I couldn't do it, he told me I had boobs, I should always be entertained (He's a charmer) and then asked why I wasn't. Apparently "Because I have an IQ over 15" is the offensive answer. I thought it was the true and funny one.

  • I met with my advisor today, we discussed me doing a foods course and possibly taking a journalism class at the college. She asked if I had taken a job search test. I said I had years ago. She told me that who I was then and who I am now are two different people. I laughed and said "It's probably 3 people. Hell, I'm two people most days."

  • That guy I wrote the post about the other day? Yeah, he proved stupid. I had suspisions about it early on but boy did he prove it. Once you reach 22 peeing on things as revenge is ridiculous. My mother asked what I thought about him now, I said "He's pretty. He can sit in the corner and be pretty but he shouldn't talk. It ruins the illusion."

  • After talking to Chris about guys, I asked him "Are you a rare breed? Is there more of you? Is there a store!! I want one this tall, with this IQ, this personality...... and a remote..with an off switch! Where do the batteries go?"

And now for a quote... can any of you guess where it's from?

"Well ____ once again you're stuck between a rock and a crazy place."

"I hate when that happens!"

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