Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I Did Today...

...with pictures!

First I went to the greenhouse and got these : 

 Garden Beginnings


Those are 4 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants, 4 basil plants and 4 chives plants. I plan on getting parsley, onions, lettuce, and several other things. This was just the first trip, in order to do it so it doesn't financially hurt I have to go back every few weeks instead of just getting one big load. They're just in smallish containers right now and will probably need to be transferred but for now they work. Plus, they're dollar store containers... they don't come in large sizes and until I see whether or not I can keep them alive I don't see the point in spending a lot of money to get big pots just yet. I know potting and re-potting plants isn't good for them but my aunt owns a gardening business so if it needs to be done at least they can be done properly with minor damage to them.

For a while I wasn't sure if I wanted to move forward with this idea or not. I think part of that was because I was in a slump. So to get out of this slump I just went and did it. This way I have something to do, something that's mine and I'm branching out. All good things.

Just as an add on...  oh my gods! I found chocolate covered coffee beans in the dollar store...so good. I also found jolly ranchers.... I haven't been able to find those for years. My day kinda rocked.


What else did I do you ask? Why, I'll tell/show at the end of the post because I'm debating whether or not to do something dirty to it.

Yesterday however, was also a productive day. Remember those center pieces I showed you all in my last post? Yeah, I made 26 of those. We of course got fake flowers, and as such... the green leaves needed to be glued to the dish. I glued them there... along with my finger several times. We ended up using white sand and then adding a layer of black rocks to the top. Have you ever tried finding black sand? Holy wow. The only place we found some was at the pet store for fish tanks and it was too expensive to make 26 centerpieces with. They turned out really well, my uncle loves them and his soon to be wife hasn't seen them yet but I'm sure she'll like them. As an added funny for you, guess who accidently glued a flower to themselves? As if it wouldn't be me, Ha! I had to glue the flower tips so the leaves would stop sliding down... as I was reaching forward for another flower, my chest must have pressed against the wet glue of another flower. I sat back and had a blue rose dangling from my boob. Yep. Not everybody can be as coordinated and cool as I am. It's really a burden.

I'm back to hoping Chris can make it to the wedding with me, he may be getting a new job (Yay!) but that means he may not get the day off. I'm really praying.... I do not want to go alone. My family, yes... but sitting there all night without anybody to really talk to would really suck.

The long-awaited ( a whole two minutes!) second thing I did today.....

was go clothes shopping. I managed to find my top for the wedding. It's a really pretty colour and it's not black which just shocked the hell out of me when I realized that I liked it. You can't tell from the picture but it's a really pretty robins egg blue.




I also got a sheer black top to go over it, just cause... who doesn't want a sheer black top?! For both tops I ended up paying $16 .... when normally they would be about $50 each. I loves bargain shopping.


Honestly, I'm a little excited about my shirts. It's so rare that I find something that fits and looks good and doesn't make me feel like I need to chop off an arm to pay for it.

So the wedding is coming up at the end of June.. but the weekend before that is the Bridal shower... I'm looking forward to that. Drinks, funny people, insane comments. I can only pray that Deb will be there. She is very much a hippie.... in every sense of the word. The easiest way to explain it... don't ever eat or drink anything she gives you before verifying what exactly is in it. My uncles fiance ate 3 cookies before she was told... it was an interesting night.


  1. Love the plants...and t he blue shirt??? sexy in an totally understated way... love the color, love the 'swing' of the top part over your chest..it's very very pretty.

    and hon? you may be a bit overweight, and i'm glad you're working on it now while you're young...but trust me...you look good. I look back on pix from when i was told i was overweight and think "geeze...i loooked good? "

    and it set me up for a lifetime of up and down dieting...i so hope you don't go down that same path.

    hugs ...


  2. I love that shirt! It looks better in real life though and makes me feel a little bit sexy when I wear it. Then, ya know I trip and totally blow it but for those 2 minutes, wow! Haha.

    Those are good pictures. There is a little bit more weight on me than it shows in those pictures for some reason but I get what you're saying. The diet has been meh lately. But then again I've had a shitstorm fora few weeks but since that's over now maybe I'll start getting my motivation back. Thank you for the compliment... I feel all a-flutter!

    I'm glad to see that you're back reading here :) B storm is over now, I think we're in the free and clear :D