Friday, May 28, 2010

Everybody Has a Quickie Now and Then

I really do not have much to say. When this happens I end up making longer blog posts because I just think and type. Then we get things like the Fanta joke. I'm apologizing for what may come now :)

First, my plants are inside right now. It's been rainy and cold here for days. In fact,it rained for two days straight not that long ago. It's just too cold for them to be outside and survive. Because of this I have held off on getting more. Lugging around 15 pots just does not seem to appeal to me in the least.

I got shoes for the wedding. I think I am returning said shoes. They are a size and a half bigger than what I normally wear... and they still hurt my feet, but going even bigger my feet fall out of them. Figure that shit out, I think it's the cut of it honestly. I'm going to be wearing them for 6+ hours... I need comfortable shoes. I refuse to blister! The blister does not exist! (I can't help but feel that I am the only one that will get that joke.)

I still have no pants. Hee.

B and I are certainly done, there is no "but what if" left. At least not in my mind. If he came back and wanted to try again... maybe... serious restrictions provided of course. BUT! I know this because he spent what, 2 hours, 3? Watching the finale of Lost. He can take that much time out but doesn't take 2 seconds to text....even on commercial breaks? Yeah. Done. I say fuck it, move on.

I waxed my eyebrows last night. Ouch. There are other places that need to be waxed, none of them the usual places people wax but ya know... I lack the courage. 

I finished waxing and I was wet.... I had a "What the fuck?" moment with that. Who gets wet when they wax? I wasn't even waxing anywhere near anything that could potentially cause that.

I'm having an upswell of horny lately. There is a "I wants to has a play!" fever going around, I'm sure of it. Watch out Sephi, it's gonna get you!

I go in 9am Tuesday to get my hair done did. Still not entirely certain what I'm doing with it.

A few months ago one of my fathers friends added me on Facebook. No big deal, I've known the guy since I was 11 so it's not like it was out of the blue. Since adding him however, my respect has diminished steadily. When you're in your thirties and are still single and blaming it all on the girls, it's not always the girls. Granted he has dated some wing-nuts. When you threaten to delete your Facebook account when you're upset, and you're a grown man; it can rub people wrong. When the daughter of your friend is more mature than you are, is smarter about her drinking, doesn't dwell on relationship failure (even though hers was almost 2 years and yours was not even 2 months) as much as you do, and is smarter about your child support payments... maybe you should re-evaluate what you're doing.

When you and the girl you were with break up, lay off. Be it 2 months, or 20 years... you're done, you need to step back. Harping on things only makes you look petty. Getting upset and badgering people to find things out about her when she cuts you off, is not your best route. Neither is finding out what she's doing, getting upset because she's changed and then speaking out about it and thinking you're in the right. Again, respect lost.

(My personal favourite) When you pride yourself on your intelligence, your writing abilities, and are just all around smug about how great you are... use fucking spell check. It's "SuRprise" not "Suprise" ... nice try though. It does however provide entertainment for your ex aka ME!, so ya know... keep it up!

I spoke to my advisor the other day. We determined that I'll be taking a course or two over summer. I just have to take them home, I don't have to do them. If I want I can keep them until September and work on them then. We also decided that I'm going to take a BIO course or two, a couple more psych classes, and a foods course. Doing these courses keep my options open. I can either take the BIO and psych and go into something in the health field. X-ray tech, psychologist, etc. Or, I can continue with what I want and take a journalism course and become a writer. I don't necessarily want to be a journalist but some of the classes for it would be helpful in writing anything. If I really wanted I could go to school something in the medical field and write in my spare time. Or get a random job (as long as it supports me) and write in my spare time, and if I so choose, go back to school for either journalism or the medical options I listed. I have a lot of options right now. A lot of thinking to do. I has a ponder coming on.

As I was typing that last paragraph I watched my cat jump onto the table where the laundry was stacked, sniff over the clothes until she found my pile (it's always my clothes) and pull off the first few shirts to get to the black on. Then she popped-a-squat. (sitting, sheesh) She loves my clothes, and especially loves my black coloured clothing. Oh my kitteh.


  1. *insert evil closet monkey finger point and glare* if Master doesn't play with me this weekend I blame you!!!!! Evil woman :P

    oh. yeah. joke.

    so two muffins are baking in an oven, right? one muffin looks at the other and says "Man...its really fucking hot in here isn't it?" to which the other muffin replies "ZOMG ITS A TALKING MUFFIN!!!!"


  2. ... was it blueberry? 'cause ya know, talking or not, if it's blueberry I'm totally eating it.

  3. you made me choke on my bagel!!!!

    I told Master that joke and He just *looked* at me and said "That wasn't funny." as I sat dying with laughter at my own joke....sometimes I think He really is an android!

  4. Well, if it helps any I'm usually the only one laughing at my jokes as well. Like some funny person once told "It's a pretty sold out show of one over here too" :P