Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Moment...

....brought to you by the letters W, T, and F.

It's three in the morning and I cannot sleep. Why? Because I keep thinking about this guy I met. Which for me is quite odd considering I've met him twice and barely talked to him. Thus I have no gauge for his personality and that's usually very important. But, he's hot. Very, very hot. Dark hair, these gorgeous, piercing blue eyes that just suck you in, thick build, and tall. I loves me tall boys. I have never dated a guy under 6'1'' ... I don't know why, but that's the way it is. Tall attracts me. Thick body attracts me... He has both. He also has a girlfriend... a ditzy, cuntish (and not the good kind, the "she fucks him around kind") one but one nonetheless.

I've been laying here trying to think of a way to plays with him at the wedding. I've come up with nothing. Chances are he'll have dumped the girl by then looking at his current gf.. I don't think I'm his type. At least physically. That however is not stopping the "I wantsta has a play!" thought process I have going on. This was worsened when he made a comment the other night about how he likes rough sex. My eyes widened, my pulse sped... and honestly, my chest swelled a little bit. I sat there thinking "Don't say anything, don't say anything, don't say anything!" Too many family members around... damn it.

I spent the whole night trying to focus on something else, talk to other people. Everytime there was a lull in conversation my eyes wandered until they found him. ...22, tall, totally sexable and kink vulnerable *jaw begins to vibrate* "Jashashasha" Words fail. Thing is... he's thick enough that you could sink your teeth into his flesh and it would be soooooo good. I wonder about his teeth... I hope they're sharp. Bruises are craved.

It's one of those moments where I am forced to look down at my crotch and go "No! We know almost nothing about this boy! He could be a moron! Hot is not enough!" ..and then you hear in the faint distance "...but it is." Now you guys are hearing my vagina talk too, it's no longer just me. Welcome to the circle...

...If you can think of any way for me to welcome this guy to the circle too let me know *nods*


  1. oooo first off, totally digging the new layout! very nommish! should try the new Vag-Leash. Keeps your vag under control instead of it leading you around by the short and curlies.

    And thirdly...why does your vag's voice sound like mini mouse?

  2. A Vag-leash you say? I was thinking maybe a muzzle, I control where it goes, just not what it thinks and says. Which is really shocking me. I've never had this happen before, wanting to jump a guy without knowing him. Normally my hormones have better taste than this. But ya know, he's just hot. I blame him for this really.

    Hmm, you got the innocent little girl voice from it. It has several voices, one for every mood. It's innocent when it's trying to convince me to do something bad. I figure when it puts on its "Man voice" I'll lose all control just like the guys do :)

  3. Hey when in doubt (read, denial) blame the man! It works as long as they never find out about it lol

    Hmmm maybe that's why I'm such a vag is a man!! Holy strap-on batman, this just got gayer than my outfit!

  4. Well that's what I thought. Totally logical move, because really, it's not my fault that he's hot.

    Hahaha! This explains so much! By the way, have you ever noticed that "strap on" backwards is "no parts"

  5. ....holy crap. I didn't notice that! Now every time I see it, I'll giggle :P cheers!