Friday, May 14, 2010

Goose Fra Baaa

Today has gone better. I have not burned myself, made a mess, walked into a wall, or sneezed and hit my head on a table....that one happened after my last post :)

I did however manage to do some time on the stationary bike this morning. Didn't meet my goal but I'm just starting to that's okay. I just want to do a whole week of exercise without getting discouraged. Learning was had as well. I discovered that while using the bike the part of me that gets the sweatiest is my ass. Yep. That was an odd discovery.

While I was on the bike I was thinking. Did you all hear the "Dun Dun Duun!" music too? I'm going to try to get back into the habit of posting pictures of my food. I had taken more pictures before and just never posted them. Adding more to my recipe page is another thing I'm going to try to do. I'm contemplating adding my Broccoli soup to the tab.

Speaking of repsipees I've gone through my grandmothers entire box... the first of three not including the books. I found her butterhorn, chocolate chip cookies, buttertarts, and my Aunts chinese food recipes. So many yums!

I've been contemplating adding a few pictures of me to the site. None of my face obviously but random body parts, my hair when it gets cut and dyed. hopefully doing it will help me get over my self-conscious ways or at least bring me out of my shell. I'd do HNT but I don't see me wanting to do it every week. Being free to do it whenever I want or as much as I want sounds much better.

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