Saturday, May 15, 2010


I feel like I've been on the run for weeks lately. I have maybe 2 or 3 people I can stand to be around, everybody else I just want to punch in the throat. I go through bouts like this from time to time. Today was slightly worse than usual though. My father is grating on my last nerve. I had taken a chicken out for dinner, it's a flat chicken, there are no bones in the thing except for the wings and legs. It's flat... he's trying to convince me I can cook it in the little roaster... a normal chicken barely fits in that freakin thing. The need to strike out is overwhelming. Honestly, I don't even want to cook the damn thing to begin with, being badgered about it is not helping. Add that to the 101 questions he asks on a daily basis and I'm a little frazzled. I have a lot of shit going on, the last thing I need is somebody picking and pestering 24/7 ya know?

I'm going into town tomorrow with my grandmother and soon to be aunt. We're going dollar store hopping to get wedding stuff. We decided that she would use my mothers bouquet, it's white flowers, greenery and baby's breath. Of course the roses are fake but the baby's breath was real and now its 20 + years old and its dead but it looks so pretty so we're leaving in the dead flowers. We also figured out what to do for center pieces and I have to say, it's going to look awesome. It's a clear glass dish filled with black sand and one white or purple flower in the center with long thin leaves tucked into the edges, forming a cage around the flower. Kind of like this  but with sand and only one flower. This was a close second though. My uncle liked the first one more though so that's what we're going with. So I get to sit and make 25 or so of them. Woo. Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to it. It'll give my mind something to focus on and I haven't done anything creative in a while.

I think on monday I'm going to phone and make a hair appointment. I think I'm just going to get it cut however short I feel like at the time, get it layered a bit and get my bangs cut vertically like I normally do. I can't find anything I'm in love with so that be what I are doing. Waxing is also something I'm contemplating right now. Eyebrow waxing, that is. My eyebrows are fairly thin to begin with so it's kinda hard to do too much with them or I get the evil arch, no end of eyebrow look going on. The shape of my eyebrows are good, I just have stray hairs I need to get rid of and with my eyes being wonky and not having glasses tweezing is really a pain. Half the time I don't even get the hair. It's ridiculous.

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