Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Short Recap

My brain is mush today so instead of making a real post I'm going bullet style:

  • I watched Avatar yesterday. It's very pretty... but it does reinforce my hate of the human race.

  • I'm getting my great grandmothers recipes and am making a cook book. It's going to be amazing. She made the best chocolate chip cookies evar!

  • I'm spending a lot of time with my grandmother lately. It beats being alone at night.

  • I've been emailing with Nilla... being in the (somewhat) same boat is slightly comforting.

  • I walked out of my grandmothers last night without the recipe box.... I be a dumbass.

  • I finally got a season set of The Big Bang Theory. LOVE IT! Seriously, Sheldon in a ball pit.... just about peed.

  • I get to spend some time with Chris this week.... it totally warrants a Yay!

  • I've come to realize that Chris is totally my safe spot. He's protective, cares and would do anything for me. I totally get to be special.

  • I found a few of the Herbs I want to plant... I'm excited! I love herbs! Just not sure how I'm going to move them inside for winter.... smaller pots maybe... dunno.


  1. agreed! Sheldon is by far my favorite though Penny's snarky remarks are a close second :P You should check out a show called Community about a group of people who go to community college...kinda the same style of humor!

  2. Hmm, I've never heard of that. I'll have to check it out once I'm done copying recipes. .... there are like 20 brownie variations in this one tiny little section.

  3. holy'am I'm afraid that is...erm...hazardous materials..yeah...and I'm gonna have to confiscate them...for your own protection of course..... >.>

  4. Not gonna lie to ya, the chocolate chip cookies are way better. So soft and buttery and creamy and melty yummy ness.... they stay so soft and the perfect amount of chewy even after they've cooled.

  5. *drools all over your page* gimmiegimmiegimmie!!!

  6. Well, when I make them I can send you some but I can only assume that they'll be moldy by the time they get there.