Thursday, May 13, 2010

When you wish upon a star your dreams come true....

And holy fuck do they ever.

Let us start this horrid tale from the beginning shall we?

I woke up and went to the bathroom.... I flush the toilet and a little piece in the tank breaks. I start my morning off glueing a toilet.

I go out in to the living room and turn too soon, walking into a wall.

Later I sit and try to do some school work... my brain is freaking jello. I'm reading the words, but they aren't registering or making sense. I may as well be reading greek... pretty words but they mean shit to me.

I place book back on pile of books... which then all fall down on my toe. Score.

I text Sephi and find out her day is going worse than mine, my poor Sephi friend.

I begin making my nommylishous soup. I blend the broccoli down, thicken the soup... and taste it... isn't tasting right. Why? 1 because I forgot to get the flavour packet I normally add and 2 I did not mix the thickener with the water the broccoli was cooked in so I lost nutrients and flavour.

I cook soup more hoping that it eventually evens out... taste it and burn my tongue. Does taste better though.

I finally give up the fight to stay awake and have an hour long nap. During which I dream about my soup boiling over.

I wake up, go to the bathroom, wander into the kitchen and the fucking soup boiled over! It was in a slow cooker so it was set on a counter and not a burner thank goddess but fuck me sideways it was a mess! All over the counter, the cupboards and the floor. I saved the stuff on the counter and honestly there is still a lot of soup and it tastes fine but guess who has to wash the floor!? Yeah... it's me!

Best part is... it's not even 5 o' clock here people. I'm scared to cut the bread, I may walk away with knife wounds.

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