Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rough Morning

His hands around my throat,
My legs wrapped snuggly over his hips, mind drenched in the feel of his skin
His teeth sinking deep into my flesh, a contented sigh
My breathing stops and chest betrays 

Eyes squeezed shut
Foreign fingers caress my body 

A cheerful ring and eyes snap open,
My own fingers roam my curves
But anothers words,
Not his, not anymore 

Again my chest betrays me,
Heaves deep until it hurts to breathe

Tears burn trails, just as deep from my eyes,
As air rushes back in, searing down my once claimed throat
Again teeth sink into my skin,
A refusal to whimper to give this a voice 

A rebel on its own, my stomach churns,
As it creeps up my throat and spills forth

Not yet, not ready yet.


  1. really, i liked this.

    soul searing pain, then the soft wash of courage...knowing you will make it to the other side...but still hurts.

    and it will
    and it does
    and you will survive it.

    and be sooo much stronger for it. (and know what you're NOT looking for, next time!)



  2. It was definitely an emotional write. I'm glad you liked it, even though it's pretty rough. Hard to unlock the writing part of you when it has been closed off for years.

  3. sometimes, ss, raw is good. . . it hits that emotive state where the reader really gets it in the gut...


  4. Hey, as long as nobody else gets sick :P