Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Day.

Today was exactly that. Another day with no contact. Another day with a cold. Another day I push to get through.

I went in to get my new cell phone, I decided on an LG Banter. It's nice and isn't a flip phone so I can see me having to apologize for ass dialing people. I ended up not being able to bring the phone home. I'm sharing a plan with my family because it's cheaper and just makes sense.  However, it goes under my father's name and turns out that one of the bills got sent to a collection agency from when he was with this company years ago. BUT we were never sent a notice, never sent a bill. So all we can figure is that it got paid about the time they sent it so they just cancelled it but never changed the status on the file, so now we have to wait until tomorrow so the collection agency can be phoned and everything can be straightened out. I love my current phone, it's great... but it's three years old. It's time for a new one. This poor thing has been beat to shit but keeps on ticking. It's totally a kink worthy phone. I find myself familiar with it... beaten up but still working and really in good shape. I find familiarity in the weirdest places.

I spent some more time with my friend, we'll call him Chris because I'm getting tired of referring to him as "my friend." I think I'm getting more comfortable but it's a little difficult with limited time. The two times that Chris has been here he has stayed for maybe two hours then he leaves. It would be nice to actually spend some time with him and talk. Every time he's here my parents are around and they like him so... kinda hard to talk about what's going on when you're never alone for more than two minutes.

I've realized something the last few days. As I go to make my rounds in blogger land... I have trouble. I read some blogs and I am fine, I read others and I get upset. Not because what they're writing offends me or because I disagree with the blogger. I'm just having trouble reading submissive blogs. I can read The Healing Journey because she's in transition, I can read Seph's blog usually because it's about day to day life. But the others... the others I have trouble with because there's a lot of mentions of master's. And I totally don't blame them either, I'd be talking about my owner if I could too. I think it's part jealousy, part nerves, and just being plain upset. I'm just having trouble with it lately and it sucks because I love these blogs!

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