Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let Me List The Reasons

I have quite a bit of work ahead of me in the next couple weeks. Which means my posts will probably be sporadic. For this I apologize, but I will post when I can. 

It probably doesn't seem like I've been okay lately because most of my posts have not been happy ones, but I assure you I am doing pretty good. I seem to come here to post when I need to get things out and coincidentally that happens to be when I'm upset. I'm really not as miserable as this blog seems to portray. I get down, yes but in general I'm doing okay. I function, I get through the day... albeit ungracefully and totally departed from Daddy's rules some days but I get through it none the less. Mostly, I'm telling you this so the "suck it up " comments can stop. I don't accept them on the blog because I just don't need that on here. From reading the comments and checking blogs, I've noticed two things in common... 1. They don't read more than one post before commenting. This is apparent by the "he hasn't been gone long" , "it's not like he wont be back in a week" , or "why are you complaining, you barely know him, wait until you understand the dynamic before you throw a fit" comments. Really people, if you're going to be an inconsiderate asshole, at least be an informed inconsiderate asshole. And 2 While I haven't been in this lifestyle a long time... I have been here longer than 3 months and while I'm sure you miss your master and aren't entirely happy during the 4-6 days you must spend apart... you being able to" suck it up and be brave "is not comparable to my situation at all. Everybody has their hurts, I understand that, but putting somebody elses down because you're "doing better" even though they are two totally uncomparable things isn't the best idea.

Snuggled in my bed I couldn't help thinking about the things I love about Master so I thought I would list a few because it's my blog and I can!

  1. The way he sings while driving. Manages to sound somewhat cute/obnoxious while still not sounding half bad. It's a tricky balance that I for one cannot achieve. However, I have obnoxious down quite well.

  2. When the claw comes out of nowhere at a stoplight and attaches itself to my boob. I like the public (kinda) groping and the looks from people in the other cars. It's jealousy I'm sure of it!

  3. I love that he opens doors for me and is such a gentlemen... even if it is somewhat of a mindfuck and makes me uncomfortable on occasion.

  4. Cuddling on the couch is one of my favourite things. Especially when he's lounged back with his legs spread and I'm snuggled in between them leaning against him. His arm wrapped around my side and his hand resting on my breast. Of course, once we're watching something on the tv and I cannot see over his hand to watch said tv it loses some appeal. I can barely see over my boob if you really wanted to know.

  5. The comment of "Oh, is this one jealous?" when I move his hand from my left boob to my right so I can see the tv.

  6. How I have five little bruises all the way around my breast when he's done squeezing and playing with me.

  7. That his teeth are amazingly sharp and cause me to bruise fairly easily.

  8. His hand seems to fit perfectly around my throat.

  9. He works at making me comfortable with him seeing my body.

  10. How comforting and soothing his snoring is. (Yeah I know, I'm fuckered.)

  11. The unexpected sweetness.

  12. How caring he is with me.

  13. The way he searches for me while he is dead asleep to hold and cuddle. His hand snakes across the bed and if he can't reach me that way pretty soon his whole body starts moving until he reaches me.

  14. He sleep gropes. Comparable to the car groping situation but with a snore here and there.

  15. That he knows every single move I make, even while he is a asleep and knows whether or not I've slept much.

  16. That he is a human heating blanket.

  17. If he wakes up and I don't have any covers on he pulls either me over to the blanket or the blanket to me.

  18. If I tell him I'm too warm for a blanket he waits a minute then touches my legs and decides for himself whether or not I'm too cool or warm.

  19. The way he is constantly grabbing for my hand and when he gets it usually kisses the back of it or my knuckles.

He is a very smart, sweet, caring and sadistic man. Try navigating that :)

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