Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here we go.

The words "Don't be ehscared little girl" come to mind.

Sephani is sending me a work out DVD. We are also going to help each other with our weight-loss goals. Happy for the help... appreciative of the workout add in.... terrified of the dvd.

She said she did one workout and can feel it to the point of being sore.  One workout people... ONE! I think I may have to work my way up to a full session. I'm a little nervous about this, not gonna lie. Having ended up broken and bedridden once.... it makes a person cautious.

BUT! I am happy that we're doing this. I told master that we were helping each other. I didn't tell him about the DVD though. I kind of want him to come home and be surprised. Ya know, every chubby little girl dreams of their Master coming home to them looking great and come out with a "Where the hell is the rest of you! " comment. That's what everybody dreams of right? Maybe just me? Okay then, I'm secure in my dream!

I have probably two weeks before the DVD shows up. In that time I plan on working out my eating habits. I had my last indulgence meal today. From now on they will be few and far between. Turns out I indulge myself too much.  But! having been down this road many many times before I know that I can't take everything I like away or I will fail. Just have to learn control.

I got a text from Daddy a day or two ago, and it really made me realize that though he doesn't answer everything text he gets... he reads every single one. So my "but Daddy doesn't have time to approve my meal choices" is officially just me taking the easy road and having what I want. Which is no more. I am texting for every calorie that I put into my mouth. He probably wont answer but if I ask for something he doesn't want me having I would bet a pretty penny he would take a time out to tell me "No." He's thoughtful like that.

Now, if you'll excuse me I need to go find my spandex and leg warmers. ...and maybe an exercise bra. Wouldn't want to give myself a black eye. (boob up into the eye? yeah, family joke. I'm probably the only one laughing. Don't feel bad, it happens a lot. )


  1. Be not afeared! *flexes* be brave!

  2. I'll be brave when I'm done being sick. Oh my gods do I feel like I've been drug through a knothole backwards.