Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sephani's Cheering K Up Conversation

A.K.A. Why I have come to lurve her dearly.
(a while into it)
K : Haha.  I found lube beads that you insert..and they last 4 days

S : whoa...whoda fuk needs 4 days worth of lube????

K : ...who wants to walk around like that? Itd be like big girl wet diaper feeling. Weekend sexcapade?

S : for a porn star attempting the longest gang bang on earth maybe

K : I get wet enough I generally dont need lube. Id feel like a waterfall...or a really gross snail trail

S : atleast we'd never lose you :P

K : Haha. "Scent dogs not needed"

S : heheh now THATS amusing

K : Haha.. I get the feeling we may be sick puppies

S : oh just a little feelin huh?

K : Tiny. Barely there.

S : pffttt so now we're delusional too?

K : Well, we think we have choices sometimes so, yes id say so

S : ooo touche

Seriously, I wonder how we function from day to day when this is what goes on inside our heads


  1. owwwwie! I laughed so hard re-reading that...I think I might of cleared the rest of that bronchitis in my lungs :P hey at least not only can we amuse ourselves...we can RE-amuse ourselves!!!

  2. *nods head* Ours is a lasting funny. Atleast to us, at the very least we can amuse ourselves and never need new comments.