Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm totally not up to making a large post but I need to update. So, I will give short little blurbs and then elaborate on them another time if wanted, if not I will probably just let it all fall away into the blackhole that is my mind.

1. X-rays, 2 bouts on the oxygen mask with ventolin, 1 bout on the oxygen mask with a steroid. 1 IV, 3 trips to the bathroom where cookies I didn't even know I had were lost, one fainting spell, 1 respiratory doctor with a great memory and 7 hours in the ER all add up to one wiped out slubbie girl.

2. Haven't heard from master in about 5 days. I'm not happy. Especially since I text him several times about being in the hospital. I know he's busy and probably doesn't have time to catch his breath... but I thought he'd respond ya know?

3. I have one very caring friend that I didn't know cared as much as he does. I was yelled at to go to the hospital and then yelled at even more when I got out and told him what happened. He worries about me... and honestly, I find that comforting.

4. Go read this post. I finished reading it and was in a little submissive puddle and longing for daddy. (and we all know how productive that was today! Why yes, I am slightly pissy today. I figure I've earned it until it's beat out of me.)


  1. First of all, hi! And thank you for the mention. i loved my Master's post. i'm glad you liked it too.

    Second please forgive this rant...

    You were in the hospital and he didn't call or text you back???? WTF? There is no such thing as being that busy. I am pissy with him too! That's just wrong. You needed him. GRRRR.

    Okay, end rant.

    i hope you get to feeling better very soon.


  2. Hi! You're welcome.

    I honestly don't know what's going on. He has never gone this long without texting me, I'm kinda starting to worry. I'm trying not to be angry and find a reason for it but it isn't going so well.

  3. I do hope he is okay, but if he is and hasn't checked in that's just wrong. Are you feeling better?

  4. Well, thing is.. he's away at work and has been for months and the last couple months he has had a boss around him 24/7 so he generally doesn't answer. So it could be that and him knowing that I'm out of the hospital and okay is enough. All I can really do is wait and try not to overthink about all the horrible relationship ending things I tend to think about when things like this happen. I need to go find my "Don't be stupid book" that I left a comment about on your blog and see if that helps. Ya know, if all else I can throw it at him.

    Hard to say right now. I can breathe fairly well, not great but not bad enough to go back to the hospital. I've been coughing non stop today. It's starting to drive me insane.