Friday, April 2, 2010

Sweet Relief

I finally heard from Daddy. And by "heard" I mean I got more than one, one word text today. I actually got several, several word texts!  Still with me? Kay, good.

I spent a large portion of my day begging for Master to play with me. I failed. I did not get him to play with me. I did however get an orgasm. Yes, above my orgasm rule. All this rule seems to be doing is jump starting my libido. Which would be great if I could get permission for a release. Today I ended up begging and finally just giving up and saying "I'm masturbating... a punishment would be welcome" ....seriously, when those words come out of your mouth you know you are in withdrawal of Master attention.

It's been over a month now since I heard Master's voice, even longer since we played, and weeks since I last got more than one text with more than one word in it.

Today I got that. I resisted the urge to do a happy wiggle as I sat in the chair. I happily gave in to the urge eventually.

Turns out his bosses have been around constantly so he hasn't had time to stop, and when he has .... they're around. Company housing is a lovely thing! I also had the chance to tell him that my diet and rule following has sucked and my theory on why. I apparently worded it wrong. What I mean to say was that he was the driving force with me, the thing that makes me push to do better and without that push I falter. The way I worded it caused him to apologize for being absent... and honesty, I appreciate the apology for being gone and that he cares that much but it made my heart sink.  

It's not like I have this über Slave thing going on, (no cape here people!) and think he should never have to apologize for anything that he does because he's the master. That is not the case at all. If something deserves an apology (and I have accepted them from  him before) then fine, but this did not deserve one. I didn't mean it in a criticizing way. I meant it in a "Ah Ha! I figured it out" "You're über important to me, see!" kind of way. I apologized and re-explained myself and he hasn't answered. But considering his boss is still around and its after 11 there I doubt I will be getting a response. My wording just sucks sometimes.

I got in to a used book store the other day. Only had a mild OCD attack looking at all the books...all over the place, strewn from room to room with little to no organization and fought the urge to arrange the place while I was there. Not gonna lie. I alphabetized every book I picked up.

I found several Laurell K Hamilton books. Most of them were hard covers.... I owned all of them. Which is making me think that I might wait a few more months and see if her two new books show up there. I did however manage to find her "never after" anthology. It was $3... I was pretty damn excited. I also found another book by Keri Arthur. She's pretty good. I couldn't find any of the poetry or such type books that I had originally wanted and I can't afford to spend $20 per book when I read them so damn fast.

Now, that is it for today because I smell coffee and it calls my name.

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