Thursday, April 1, 2010

A lovely Surprise

Tonight I sat down to do my usual creep through of blogs and I found something. I began reading Sephi's blog and found she had given me an award. Which in itself was lovely, but what got me was what she wrote about me.

 "the other half of my insane personality, she suffers so beautifully for her LD owner how can I not give her this award? As long as she promises to not stick it in her pants too"

Talk about feeling special. Kinda made me love her a little bit. Thank you Sephi.

So, as I understand it I now have to pass it on to three other people. But! Before I do I have to say that in trying not to double up on people I am merely going to mention how amazing and inspiring and hilarious Sephani is, not matter what else is going on she's always there to help and that alone is award worthy. Since Seph gave Nilla the award I'd also like to say that I've really loved reading her transition and growth into a not so vanilla mom. I completely agree that she should get the award, watching somebody come into their own is always a beautiful thing.

Now, onto the three I'm giving the award to ! ... I know you're all just waiting anxiously. Hah.

Kitten's Paw Prints In Slavery - Having read her for a while now, she is a very honest blogger. She blogs about the ups of her relationship and the downs. She doesn't sugar coat things (my kind of person!) and the love she has for her dominant continues to strike me every time I read her posts.

The Healing Journey - I read her while she had a dominant and I've read her without one and will continue to do so. I am giving her this award because even though she is hurting right now, she continues to write. She is rediscovering herself, her submission and I hope, her confidence in herself. She is truly a beautiful woman and she deserves this award because this experience will only make her stronger and more beautiful. And I think more than anything she needs to know that :)

Under His Hand - This was one of the first blogs I ever read. This blog has helped me discover new things, find my limits (tits nailed to a board still scares the hell out of me! :) ) and also given me several laughs. I am giving her this award because even though she is much more hardcore than I am, she is also extremely devoted to her dominant, her service and her children. Plus she has a smart ass side that I understand fully :)


  1. ooo 2 new blogs to perv...I mean....obsessively read...I mean enjoy :)

    Glad I could put a smile on your face sweetie. *hugs*

  2. They are two very perv worth blogs.... I still have yet to get all the blogs I read on my blogroll... I am the lazy.

    And you defintely put a smile on my face on a day I so needed it. *hugs*

  3. serenesub.......

    At the beginning (only 4 weeks ago god !!) i thought i was facing the hardest time of my life........ alone. i am still completely blown away by the support of 'strangers' who have rallied round!!

    and i was so surprised this morning to see in my email that you had given me this "award"

    Thank you.. so much........