Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm beginning to wonder what has happened to Master. I mean, yes there is that little worm of doubt of whether he wants me and we're still together but lately, that has been giving way to something else. Worry. I'm worried. We have never, ever gone a week without talking to each other. That alone is worrisome. Add him not answering his phone, which is small considering I doubt he would answer if he was around a boss or employee but that he didn't text after is a big deal. Now, we add the hospital thing. I ended up in the hospital once before and he was all over it, wanting to make sure I was okay and nothing was seriously wrong. This time I don't even get a response.

Honestly, it is possible that this week has just been nuts for him. He's had weeks before where we barely talked, but with his boss around then I can see not talking at all. But really... this is sooooooo not like him at all. This is not something he would just do... it isn't and he's not the type to drag me along (I don't think) if he's considering it over. It's just not the way he functions. Something has to be up, this is not the way he is. I'm just hoping it's work and not something serious.

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