Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drugs; I do 'em

Now before you all freak out and by all I mean the 5 of you :) I mean medication.

I are sick.

This sickness came out of freaking nowhere. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it I may have had hints yesterday but attributed them to something else, but lets start at the beginning shall we?

I woke up yesterday feeling great. I walked out into the living room to see everybody sitting in their respective places and talking. There was no tv, radio or computer in the background. This is rare. Turns out, we had no power. This is because the night before it had started to snow... IN APRIL! It snowed all night and carried on the whole next day which knocked out power in at least 5 different towns/cities that I am aware of. It had been flickering on and off all night and into the morning but an hour after I got up it went off and stayed off. This was not light fluffy snow. This was essentially sleet. I don't know about the other areas but where I was living there was about two feet of snow on the ground by the time it was done. We spent the day with no electricity, no water, no heat, nodda. I was freezing...looking back now I think it was the start of my cold, it was just a really mild start. Finally at noon I gave in and went to bed for a nap, I was exhausted despite sleeping well (another Aha!). When I woke up my throat was a bit sore but it happens occasionally when I wake up so I shrugged it off. This was when I started texting Seph... and she bamboozled me into her misery loves company club under the guise of helping each other with our weight loss. :)

By 630 - 7 we had power again but having assumed we would be without it all night we didn't take out anything for supper. Everything was frozen. After about 45 minutes of being undecided what we wanted we gave in and got take out. A.K.A. my last indulgence meal. Once dinner was done I went to my room and wrote my blog post detailing the new diet/exercise. I was so consumed in that, that I forgot about even mentioning the power outage.

Shortly after I had finished eating my throat got really sore and sensitive, I was popping cough drops like tictacs. An hour after this I tried showering, hoping the steam would soothe my throat. It didn't work. finally I gave up and got ready for bed, not before drinking a huge glass of orange juice, neocitron and chewing a vitamin C pill of course. The two citric acid drinks mixed with the milk I had a bit before that waged war on my stomach and I ended up losing all of that before crawling in to bed and passing out.

This morning I woke feeling worse. My nose is full, my ears are plugged, my throats a little sore and I'm having trouble breathing. The breathing thing is not new. With asthma it's just a part of my colds. As long as the cold stays in my head and doesn't move to my chest I should be okay. Once it moves to my chest I really have trouble breathing. I ended up in the emergency room hooked up to an IV and oxygen mask the last time. This is exactly why I hate being sick. I can never just be sick, I have to have an asthma attack to go with it. Which is why I can never live alone. I can't (read won't for everyone's safety) drive, I couldn't anyways if I was having an asthma attack. It's like trying to breathe under water but you can't find the top and somebody is standing on your chest holding you down. You have to focus entirely on breathing so you don't panick. If you panick you pass out.  And I just refuse to be alone when I'm sick. I'm not 5 but if everybody is leaving the house at night (for work or whatever) and I'm going to be the only one home, we phone my grandmother to stay with me. I can deal with being sick on my own... but if I have an asthma attack on my own... I generally can't get enough air to talk or walk more than 10 feet... I would be finished. It's absolutely terrifying. I cannot be alone when I'm sick, thus I cannot live alone.

This post took a dark turn that I was not expecting at all. Because of this I am going to leave it here... who knows where I would go with it. Causing myself to have one "WTF" moment is enough for one night.


  1. Start with drugs and end with death...yeah I can see where that makes sense :P If I was in the same country as you I'd say just text me if you ever need assistance. Unfortunately I don't think I could make 911 calls for you from a different country....

  2. Haha. Well, ya could but I don't think it would be much help. It would however, confuse the hell out of the operator on the end of the phone.

    It's part of what makes me nervous about moving in with master. If he stays at this job then he will travel a lot. I'll be alone a lot and the one person I knew from where I would be moving just moved to where I am.

  3. well when you two move in together I'm sure you'll figure something out :) If I can help you know I will!

  4. Yeah we will, he's poopular. I'm sure one of his friends would be a go to or maybe one of his family members. Dunno. Not worrying about it now. And I know you'd help...yours eva so helpful.

    I can totally see ending up in an ambulance (right now I live close enough to the hospital it's easier to drive. Seriously, emergency services around here suck. If there's a fire the people from the town 20 minutes away arrive before the people from the station 5 minutes away.) and having to coerce one of the EMT's to phone master.

    "You don't understand! I need my Daddy!" (Saying things like that amuse me to no end by the way.)