Friday, April 2, 2010


I've been trying to think of 7 things you don't know about me to add to my Beautiful Blogger post and I can't seem to come up with anything interesting. Then I realized that it doesn't say 7 interesting things so nah!

1. I once dated a man who had such a horrible taste (not his come either... just in general) that to this day I gag if I think about it too hard. It put me off oral and I am fighting desperately to get it back. I used to love it and I refuse to let this "man" take that away from me. Luckily Master is more than willing to let me try whenever I want...

2. I made some amazingly yummy turkey meatballs tonight.

3. My writing and drawing muse has abandoned ever since I had a bad breakup a few years ago. This story I wrote for Daddy is the first story I have completed in 3.5 years.

4. I love Taco Time. I could eat it forever. My mom pretty much lived on it while she was pregnant with me and it seems it has carried on.

5. I once fell off a toilet. Well, not really. I went to stand up, rolled on my ankle and went head first into the wall and in an attempt not clobber myself into said wall I threw myself to the side and ended up on my ass on the floor laughing at myself. (God I hope master never starts reading here haha)

6.  I lack some basic life experiences. For instance, I've never ridden a bus (aside from the school type) because I've never needed to.

7. If Master can only get one night off or plans to go back the night of my uncle's wedding I plan on leaving quite early in order to get me some bruises and fill my must have Master quota.... It's dangerously low lately people. The fact that I function is amazing! I need an "S" tattooed to my chest. Ya know, to stand for Super-duper party pooper ! or Super Woman.... I'm undecided.


  1. *face palm* off a toilet huh? remind me not to text you while your on it then :P

    its ok...I've been known to bump into things while standing still and I once hit a parked car (not my fault I swear!!!)

  2. Hey! I didn't fall off... I was just in that room ... I was already off okay ! And if you really think about it, I fall quite a bit so texting is always a risk for me.

    That's kinda hilarious. Not as bad as this one guy I know though. My friend and I went out for a walk and bumped into him, he was on his bike and decided to follow us. He drove his bike right into the back of a parked van. Not those tiny ones either, those big box lookin things.