Monday, April 5, 2010

A Present For Daddy Part 2

If you knew how much trouble I just had copying this from my word processor into here you would be amazed with my amount of patience. I hope you enjoy the second part of the story, hopfully by the third I will have thought of a better way to do this.

I was lost deep enough in my thoughts that I didn’t hear him walk back into the living room. I didn’t know he was there until his leg brushed past my shoulder and I froze for a second, fighting to stay quiet and still, I could feel the muscles in my legs starting to twitch and bit my lip harder to fight the need to move, to stretch. I concentrated on these things; my eyes studying the pattern in the carpet, my mind not convinced with the distraction. Every fibre of my being wanted to look up at him, to reach out of him, to stretching my aching legs. I strained my eyes and realized there were threads of midnight blue woven into the black carpet here and there.

Daddy’s hand wrapped around my throat and I jumped at the feel of his skin on mine. His hand brought me up to my knees, my head tilted so I was looking him in the eyes. I studied his face, revelling in the smile slowly spreading across his lips, disappearing into his beard, trimmed and suiting him perfectly; A dark contrast against his light skin.  His eyes were staring straight into mine, making it impossible to lower my gaze again.  I used to be uncomfortable when he did this; I used to want to wiggle under the scrutiny.  Recently I had learned that it wasn’t scrutiny at all, now I knew the mind behind those eyes. I knew he wasn’t examining me, he was thinking about all the things he wanted to do to me, he was thinking that I was his and that the word “no” was not an option. I stared back into those eyes and felt things low in my stomach clench tight and an amazingly large lump form in my throat. His other hand moved to the back of my head, wrapping my hair around his fingers and pulling until my back was perfectly straight. It’s amazing how good my posture can be with a little incentive.  Reaching up I placed both my hands on his arms, being near him and not be touching him was one of the hardest things I had found so far.

“You’ve been a busy little whore haven’t you?” He asked, amusement tugging at his voice.

“Yes Daddy,” I felt my own voice tremble as I answered him

He started to lift his hands up, bringing me with them. Rising carefully on the heels I stood before him and watch his eyes slowly move down my body. I took a small step back from him so he could see the entire outfit. The more of my clothing he seen the more he smiled. By the time he was done we both had smiles plastered on our faces. I loved finding outfits that pleased him, it was an art I had only recently started to understand

“That looks very nice on my little girl, too bad it wont survive long,” his words shivered along my skin raising goose bumps everywhere they touched.

My teeth sank into my lip as I stepped back towards him, close enough a hard thought would make us touch. His hand wrapped around my chain as he pulled me to him, his other hand in my hair tilting my head towards his mouth. Feeling his lips against mine I opened my mouth, Daddy rarely kissed me without tongue. There were so many things to love about him. I wasn’t fast enough for his need and his mouth crashed into mine, crushing my lips against my teeth until I was sure I could taste blood. I leaned into him, pressing back against his lips, fighting to open my mouth more to nip at him. At the first graze of my teeth his hand went from my chain to my throat, a spot that he claimed daily. He squeezed and pulled my mouth from his. I looked up at him, and put both my hands on his arm, tightening my grip as he tightened his hand. We both squeezed until he forced sounds from my throat. I’d never had anybody make me whimper before and I knew Daddy loved it.  I knew what he was after every time he wrapped his hand around my throat, I knew and I always gave it to him, willingly or forced he always got what he wanted. 

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