Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dig Deeper

For anybody keeping track you can add another tick to the Caels  Control of Serene Chart. What does that make, 65 now? More?

I was talking to Sephi yesterday and she made mention how Karson ruined her post idea by correcting her. This post would have been about the things subs do for their dominants even though they don't like them. When she said this it made me start thinking. I have come up with a list of things that I do for Cael that I don't like, haven't wanted or have just changed because of his ownership.

  1. I ordered a toy that should be here Friday. No, I'm not going to share what toy it is yet. However, it is not a toy I would have picked out myself. Ever. Yet I ordered it with a smile on my face. I'm equally dreading its arrival and wiggling in anticipation for what he's going to have me do with it.

  2. Since the order for the previously talked about toy came down...I've been looking at other toys of the same nature. Excitedly.

  3. I've been making geeky jokes... batman, light sabers, power of greyskull...they've all happened. They all occurred after Cael and I got closer.

  4. I learned months ago that Cael loves mushrooms. Since then a lot of mushrooms have made it into random recipes I've been making that they never have before. I'm totally taking his preferences into consideration when I cook....when he's about 5 hours away and has no way of eating any of it.

  5. Last night he and I were talking about Tylenol. I generally carry Advil but Cael cannot have Advil. So, I told him when I move I'll have to start carrying Tylenol for him because he gets a lot of headaches/migraines. I went to clean out my purse today, guess what I found?! Tylenol. I have never in my life bought Tylenol(or so I thought). I always get the Advil liqui-gels. Always. Sometime in the last few months I've grabbed Tylenol instead. The bottle is still sealed.

  6. I have always rolled my eyes at girls wearing gas-masks in pictures. I don't see the point in it. Looks ridiculous to me. Yet, not that long ago I seen a picture of a girl in one and though it looked pretty damn hot. Guess who likes gas-masks?

  7. I loved silk. Now, if I find something I like in silk...most times I don't get it. Silk pulls on little hairs. Cael is rather fuzzy, he voiced his dislike of it and I have not bought any since.

  8. He told me that he liked red and black panties and bras..since then when I buy new stuff I always make sure there is at least one red or black piece to the set.

  9. I despise Family Guy. Hated it for years. Cael likes it... it's suddenly tolerable.

  10. I am actually slightly excited to go up to Caels place and clean.

  11. I normally hate other people cooking for me. I want to do it. Yet, I want him to.

This list? This is just the stuff I came up with off the top of my head. This isn't deep thinking, really finding things that I haven't even noticed yet. This is just the basics. An amazing amount of brain worm right there.


As far as questions that have been sent in they will either go up tonight or tomorrow sometime. If not then... when ever Cael gets a chance to answer his so they all go up together. I don't like splitting them up.

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