Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tra La La La La

If you're anything like I am you need some time to yourself. Be it to escape your kids, the day-to-day routine, or your owner. If your owner is like mine chances are if they really want you the bath time won't stop them from coming in to pester you. But, I think we all know that deep down we enjoy that. Or maybe it's just me? Just me? Okay well, then you need to make that bit of time you have the best you can right?

I suggest starting with a treasure. This bath salt is my absolute favorite.  It turns the water a gorgeous blue that every movie and picture shows it as but it never really is. It smells amazing and makes you soo soft. Then maybe add a candle or two. Let's face it, candles make everything better. From there.. you can do whatever you want. It's your relax time right? Eden has so many bath products from lotions and washes to oils and waterproof toys. There's even a vibrating ducky! Relaxation and fun are almost endless.

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