Sunday, March 6, 2011


Nothing tells you you're owned entirely more than throwing yourself under the bus and not even realizing it until the action is done.


Sephi answered my questions. Then at the bottom she made reference to Cael. I seen it and thought "Hey! It mentions him, he'll probably want to read that." So I went on my merry way and emailed it to him, patted myself on the back for being so wonderfully good to him and beamed at myself. Then the beam began to dim. Then it flickered and snuffed itself right the fuck out. I realized the mention he got? Was about paybacks and how Sephi was going to give him ideas of evil things to do to me. And I sent it to him. Bam! Bus!

He is so fucking deep in my head I trot off happily thinking I'm dah best slub evah only to realize the dastardly plot once I've been squished like a tube of tooth paste.



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