Thursday, March 31, 2011

Itty Bitty

Update! And yes I realize I still owe a post. It'll get made up...somwhere sometime.

Today several things happened and I'm not feeling too great so you get another list.

  1. I went furniture shopping. Did. Not. See. One. Oversized. Chair. Anywhere. Yet all of them list them on their websites. Well wonderful... but when you're trying to compare them it's not helpful at all!

  2. Found out we're waiting to get furniture so that some of us can get glasses. Myself included. My chair is totally falling apart, brackets broken..I have to constantly balance but I am constantly feeling like hell because I need glasses.. so glasses it is.

  3. My grandparents anniversary party is on Saturday. Lots of people. Lots of people I don't like. I'm attempting to figure a way out of it. Desperately.

  4. Sephi, Cael and I talked today. It was fun... until they ganged up on me. Bastages.

  5. During the previously mentioned conversation I became bothered. I couldn't figure out why, that was until I talked to Cael after. I've known him almost 4 years. For the most part we've talked and played and liked each other and been fairly close but over the last year or so we've gotten closer in a way that's really not explainable. We let each other in further than most people get. In doing so we inevitably talk to each other and interact differently than we do with other people.  It was so gradual and normal for us that I totally forgot what he was like before that happened. Seeing that side of him come back out with Sephi caught me off guard. I remember it's there now and will be expecting it next time, but it was a bit of a jolt.

  6. I've come to learn that I value the side of him that I get. I value it a lot. I love that I'm one of very few people that he's let in that far. Let see that side/much of him. We've merged our bubbles. Red and blue make purple sort of thing.

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