Friday, April 1, 2011

Ketchup Post

....Ketchup...Catch-up....get it? Good.

Currently I am baking bread. Once the bread is done I'm getting dressed and going out to an outdoor show in town...lots of walking. Exercise win! I've been doing better with the exercise. At least for the last few days. Of course this means I'm getting stiff/sore again. ....well, my ass is. Why is it that my ass is always the first thing to get sore? That's just weird.

Now, I'll expand on something I wrote about yesterday...I was exhausted  when I wrote it and forgot half I wanted to say :)

I'm defining this as C/s because he and I aren't typical in..anything really. :)  The only similarities or aspects that fit definitions of the lifestyle is he is dominant and I follow his lead. We very much do our own thing and I never know how to explain or summarize that on here so I finally just made one up. I do very little without asking his permission...even things I know he'll let me do I generally mention them. But, at the same time I have quite a bit of freedom. I think it would take a whole post to write out everything, but this is a basic summary.


And, now for things I completely forgot about

1. I am now sending Cael update pictures for every ten pounds I lose. Which really works well considering I'm taking this in ten pound increments. I have quite a few of them to lose, so he'll be getting quite a few pictures but I just keep reminding myself that it's worth it. It's a good thing. He's helping. He's not running, he's still here. I don't think I'll tell him what I weigh right now, I'm not sure he or I could handle that but when I lose it... then I think I could do it.

2. When I lose the weight and get down to where we want I get a reward. I plan on buying myself this gorgeous sapphire ring. Now? Cael has decided that he's going to take me to Ireland as well. Which lets face it... I love. I'm oddly attached/connected to the forests and nature here...going there will probably only strengthen that. Not looking forward to the flight though. At all.

And now? My bread is done.


  1. hahaha ketchup :P I did a post like that once!