Monday, April 4, 2011


Today was a fairly slow day.

I exercised this morning as usual. I've been doing fairly well with it. It's not as intense or long as I'd like to get to. Stretching, weights, a bit of cardio, hoping to be able to go on walks soon. Stupid weather.

Other than that I cleaned up my room. I had dvds on the table(and in the living room) and a few drawers open among a few other things. That's definitely one thing I will not miss when I move. If there is one or two things out-of-place in my room it looks like a bomb went off because it's so crowded.

Since cleaning I've made my grocery list, all healthy meals (go me!) and have been talking to Cael. That's about it for today. It's been very boring yet insanely tiring.

Now, I'm off to make supper. Hopefully there is something going on soon so I have more to blog about.

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