Monday, April 18, 2011

Behaving Is... / Being His Is...

...apologizing when you realize you've been a pain in the ass.

...listening even when you don't want to.

...sucking it up for him even when you don't want to.

...choosing to push forward when you want to fall apart.

...accepting that he's busy and TRYING not to pester him.


...swallowing my pride and letting him pay for a house for us.

...learning his standards and expectations.

...telling him the truth no matter what.

...longing for him and not letting it drag me down.

...needing a spanking/flogging/to be bruised and having to wait, and not letting it drag me down.

...lusting after the ring of steel collars and looking forward to the day he puts one on my neck.

...wanting and at times begging to be marked as his, whether it's a bruise or a collar.

...exercising my limited amount of patience on numerous things.

...waiting to move to be with him, and doing it gracefully, not pouting about it.

... being strong enough to keep moving forward when he's not leading me at the time.

...learning to accept small absences without getting sad.

...realizing that sometimes bawling is better than holding the hurt and miss in, and letting it seep into my days.

...hard. But worth it. 100 times over even.

I? Am definitely a work in progress. But, then who isn't?

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