Friday, April 22, 2011

The Chicken Drives To 711 At Midnight

Cael has been gone a few hours. Just a couple hours, not days, not even 6 hours. Nope.

And yet?

Sephi has gotten me trying to lick my elbow.

I have tried to lick my nose.

Sephi and I have discussed three handed masturbation... we really should be born with a third arm.

I've lusted at make up.

I've browsed lingerie.

I've written another post for Eden Cafe. (both links will be posted when they go up)

I've had a talk with my dog about barking at stray cats and how she shouldn't do it because they're homeless. And she listened.

I've skipped around the kitchen.

I've chased my cat.

I've watched reruns of Roseanne.

This week? Should be a hoot.

I? Am off to phone Lady Di.

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