Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Morning Delight

Yesterday I woke up in my usual fashion, sprawled across my bed. Having showered, lotioned, brushed my teeth and done all the usual morning activities I walked out in the living room. I was through the hallway and almost to the kitchen before it dawned on me. There was something outside my front door, I could see a little brown box through the window. Upon checking the box, I realized it was from EdenFantasys. I promptly did a happy wiggle and took my package inside and straight to my room.

The box was a little worse for ware, the sides dented in and the corners inverted. I was slightly concerned. There was a glass toy inside. Rough treatment wouldn't be good. However, everything inside was in one piece. It was packed with enough paper to protect even glass from breaking which is a huge point for anybody that's had things arrive in shards.

From beginning to end the order process was one of the easiest I have ever seen or used. I think it was a matter of maybe three clicks and I was finished and my toys were ordered. When I had an issue with the address (for some reason it switched on me) I was helped within a matter of hours of submitting the issue. I was also sent a confirmation email letting me know that my package was sent, and a link to track it. The deeper into it I go, the more I find that I like about this site.

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