Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weak In The Knees

Today I went in grocery shopping and along the way got part of a late birthday present. I got a food processor. I'm soo very happy about this! I DON'T HAVE TO SHRED CHEESE ANYMORE! That right there is all kinds of yay.

I get to see my somewhat Aunt tomorrow. She's not actually my aunt but my mom has known her longer than I've been alive, so it's something I've always called her. I haven't seen her since July. It's been a while. She has MS and has been sick and a few weeks ago went in to have her breast implants changed out to smaller one. So I have the night and the morning tomorrow to think of something amusing to say about that. It'll come to me *nods*

Cael is going to school again for his job. Kinda sucks a little bit. I got used to having him around to talk to the last little while. He's been fairly stressed and overwhelmed and busy with it all so I've been trying to behave and not bug him too much. Yeah. You all can guess how well I'm doing on the whole "not bugging him" thing.  I am leaving him alone as much as I can though, and trying to help..or atleast make him smile on occasion.

Earlier today I was listening to the radio in my moms car and a song came on. It was called "Weak in the knees" and it made me smile. I know a lot of girls who have said the guy that they're with makes them weak in the knees or some obscure comment about it and it's rarely literal. I actually get to say in a literal sense that Cael makes me weak in the knees. He can say something sexual and my knees will literally buckle or at least try to. When we first started playing I wasn't expecting it and the only reason I didn't end up on the floor was because I caught myself on the counter in the kitchen.  He can make my stomach do flips and stir up butterflies in every single part of my person. Should make playing and sex fun. Might need to be pinned against walls and counters just for safety *nods*. What a lovely thought. :D

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