Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fill Me Up

Right now I'm giving you a filler post of questions I've been asked. I know I promised  a post the other day but I'm having trouble getting it out, too many ideas coming at me at once, I don't know where to start or how to organize them yet. So while I work on it, questions!


You've mentioned Cael taking pictures, or wanting to take pictures of you and you said you were uncomfortable. Are you still that way?

Absolutely. But, at the same time I've found myself wanting him to take pictures of me when I lose weight. I want those photos whether they're just regular everyday ones or mid play ones. So while I don't want them right now I have warmed up to idea later on.


My Sire looks through my phone and computer. Insists on it but I'm not even allowed to touch his phone or laptop. Does Cael do this to you? Are you allowed to touch or go through his stuff?

Cael is at least 5 hours away from me, so it's not really an issue right now. However, to answer your question.. he has said he would leave my computer alone. I told him it didn't matter. I don't do anything on my laptop that he either doesn't know about, doesn't approve of or I wouldn't want him to know. If he were to look over my shoulder at my screen at any given point it wouldn't bother me, so him looking through it or using it after isn't a big deal to me. As far as my phone the same applies. It's mostly him I talk to anyways. Once Sephi moves back then there will be those texts he can read but I tend to just tell him what we're talking about anyways.

As far as his computer and phone... I don't know. He's fairly stressed right now so I'm not going to ask him, if he wants to comment he can later. For now, I'll guess.  His phone... 1. I don't really know how to work it and I really see no point in flitting through it. He hasn't lied to me so if I want to know something I just ask and I don't think he has anything to hide so I don't THINK it would be a big deal but I don't know for sure.  2. If it rings I'd bring it to him but not answer it... but I don't answer mine either.  As far as his computer... I know he has some photography stuff on there he doesn't want people in... other than that I don't know. I don't think he'd hide what he was doing on it from me, and as long as I have mine I see no reason to use his unless he's playing on my laptop and refusing to share. As far as just touching or looking through either one... I don't think he'd care or hide what he's doing on them from me or ban me from them so I don't really feel the need to play with them. Besides, when we live together having individual little things that are just your own is good sometimes.

Where do you keep your toys?

Right now I have a little see through tote that they're in. Each of them in a little draw string bag. Until I get enough to warrant getting something bigger or better that's what I plan to use.

I just noticed the link up in the corner .... is that new or have I just not seen it?

Haha, you're quick. It's only been there maybe two days. It links to the EdenFantasys website. Speaking of, if anybody wants a discount code for there feel free to send me an email and I'll send you a code.

I've been reading blogs for years and a lot of them are anonymous but eventually some names come out. So I was wondering if anybody on the blogs actually has your real name?

My blog is set up to by anonymous but, yes some do have my actual name. Cael of course does. Sephi does. Nilla and I email on my vanilla account so she has my name but she never uses it. Kaya is on my Vanilla facebook, and I believe that's everybody. And yes, that does me that I have a facebook profile for this blog... It's under serenesub however I never use it.

What's your favorite lube?

Honestly, I hate lube. Unless there is anal play involved I do not use it. Refuse to. I stay wetter without the lube, it seems to dry me out a bit and that is just irritating.

You mention wanting to be up with Cael all the time, if you were there what would you be doing?

Right now? Cael is very busy and fairly stressed so I'd avoid trying to bug him. Probably sit quietly with him as he worked on his school stuff. Give the odd back-rub./scratch or play time when he wanted it. Other than that? I'd cook for him. He's too busy to lately and since I'd eventually have to come back I'd make meals and freeze them for him. I don't particularly like that he's forced into eating noodle bowls because he doesn't have the time to cook. So I'd make easy freeze meals like lasagna and put them into individual tins that can be thrown into the oven and so he doesn't have to do anything other than turn the stove on and remember to take it out when it's done.

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