Sunday, March 13, 2011

Questions #3

1.  You've said in the past that you're a sexual person. What does that mean to you?

It means that I am very comfortable with my sexual side. I have no issue discussing sex in general or even my sex life with people I'm comfortable with. I tend to thrive on sex a little bit. The more I have, the better I feel, happier I am and ultimately the more I want. I'm much happier when I can randomly touch/grope the person I'm with and be able to kiss them. If I can get away with groping or straddling Cael I will. Instantly.

2.  Do you think you'll stay happy up with Cael?

I really do. If Cael was a momentary fleeting happiness it would have happened by now. I've known him for years. Living together is obviously going to take a lot of adjusting but once it's comfortable and working I know I'll be happier there with him than if I stayed here.

3. You haven't mentioned your diet in a while. Hows it going?

It's going okay. Since I started this diet with Cael I'm down 11 pounds. 5 of that from the week or so I did of exercise. The reason I haven't updated is I've had a cold and as such not much has been happening. But by 630 tomorrow morning I will be up and stretching and exercising again.

4. Cael mentioned on his blog that he has nymphomania. So I guess I have a question for both of you. Are you serene, okay with it? how do you deal with it? And cael, do you think serene does a good job dealing with it? how do you yourself deal with it?

Yeah I am okay with it. Cael has a pretty good handle on it so it be honest, unless I notice the change in him I don't worry about it. I try to be supportive, thus why sex is permitted for both of us, I really think this is the only thing I can do for now. I can't be there to play, so support is all I have. When I'm there then the playing whenever it's wanted will help, as will my high sex drive. Other than that unless he comes to me with something to talk about or I bring something up, it's not a huge deal.

Cael's Answers!

This is for Cael, I hope thats ok. Serene writes about you very sweetly most of the time. Do you do harder play, and punish her or do you just enjoy the owner aspect? For that matter, if you do like play what do you like?

At this time i'd like to think that i don't do anything too harsh to serene. The way i feel about play time is that it's so much better in person. When Serene moves up with me or I go down to visit there will be hard play (i've been known to draw blood .. by accident of course). I don't want to create a false sense of security that i then have to break down because although punishments and bruises can be given by serene to serene, is it the same? ever? No, it isn't. Generally when i play everything depends on my mood, as i said before i've been known to draw blood and give bruises roughly the size of a paddle ( i wonder why) but i've also been known to have play sessions with no marks left over. A play session doesn't necessarily mean that there has to be pain involved, I truly enjoy the owner aspect of a D/S relationship more then the giving of pain, thats usually just a side effect of a sub that breaks the rules and is taking the punishment for said infraction (btw all rules are talked over first, nothing is forced that just leads to a hostile environment and an abusive relationship)

Serene makes it very clear about how excited she is to move. Are you (Cael) excited to have her up there? What do you plan to do to her(Feel free to be explicit)?

I am excited, I wont have to do as much cleaning haha, all jokes aside my life will be easier with serene up here, no longer will i have to do with the usual anxieties of a long distance relationship. I'll be able to truly dominate Serene and play the part of a proper master rather then the text oriented relationship we now have (see above question). Not only that but as some of you may remember i am a diagnosed nymphomaniac, I've sought help for this condition in the past but the only real way to control is to completely deny in my experience... and who doesn't want sex at all? not me, having her up there will as i'm sure you all have guessed keep that side of me under bearable control. As to what i plan to do with her? well Sephi and I have recently started throwing different idea's back and forth, I hope to involve her master in those talks soon as well, A fuller answer may be forth coming.

Cael mentioned on his blog that he has nymphomania. So I guess I have a question for both of you. Are you serene, okay with it? how do you deal with it? And cael, do you think serene does a good job dealing with it? how do you yourself deal with it?

Yes i do suffer from nyphomania (for those of you wondering i use that term because it is more easily recognized the correct term is satyrmania). I am sorry to say that although play time with serene through texting ect can be fun, no it does not completely keep control of it. Physical contact is the only true way to control my issue, when i don't get that stress prevails and i go a little intense. In public i can keep tight control on the outside, on the inside i want to ravish almost anyone (that's after being without sex for a period of say... 3 months).
Serene and i have come to an agreement concerning my nymphomania, sex without relationships is acceptable on both ends. Yes I have had sex with other women, In the past i started relationships with some before we decided on our rules for each other, I have high standards though so sometimes this can be difficult and have gone the 3 months plus without sex tearing my hair out the whole damn way. On the other hand i have yet to contract an STD because of those standards.

What's Caels favorite part of owning somebody?

My favorite part? That is not something easily explained. If you have ever owned someone you'll realize just how difficult. There's no specific thing that i like about owning, the attention, the control, the amount i can dig into her brain and still be continually surprised at her tv show choices.... i feel like Sheldon sometimes when she makes comments about her shows.... I just don't understand.

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