Monday, July 12, 2010

Boys, they're a different fruit.

I actually have a lot to say... none of it I can share here yet. I'm waiting until things actually happen to make sure they do before I share with you all. But OH! is it worth the wait!  It's an amusing story and an amusing outcome. Gah! I want to talk about it!

I was over at my grandparents again (It's boring around here, seriously.) My aunt was over there and apparently the night we were setting up the wedding I literally scared her to the point she was kinda scared to come up and talk to me. The unstable part of this is the "Really? AWESOME!" response I have to it.

Seeing as how it's my parents anniversary soon, I'm redoing their wedding album. It's 23 years old and literally falling apart. At the end of said album I am adding letters/paragraphs that friends and family have written about the wedding or them. It's gonna be pretty.... once I get over the irritation I just suffered. My cousin...whom I do not speak to for various reasons... signed into her mother's account and wrote her months paragraph for her. How do I know this? Because my cousin cannot spell, and the sentence structure is off. My aunt does not write like that. It pisses me off, if I wanted her to write something for the album I would have asked. She did this to a friend of mine that used to date a cousin of ours. She created a gorgeous scrapbook of things for him when he came back from Iraq. This girl again, wrote her mothers paragraph and signed her name. Really? Come on now. *Shakes head*

Since I have nothing else to say I'll add a video. I've been addicted to this song lately.

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