Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Freedom to Sleep

Today, I have immensely enjoyed sleeping until 930 this morning and then taking a nap in the afternoon. I am enjoying the soft, fluffiness of my bed. I am getting every ounce of enjoyment out of my bed today and tomorrow that I can. I am doing this because I have outsmart-ed myself. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I thought of something to ask Cael. Once I thought of it, I did in fact ask him. This my dear readers, is where the wheels fell off the track and I managed to wedge a foot up my ass without even realizing it.

I asked Cael to text me in the mornings when he gets up for work. This would help me get up and exercise because he would be telling me to get my ass up. It was a great idea, is a great idea. I totally need the push, need somebody that wont let me wiggle out of doing it. Unfuckingfortunately I have found it. Cael will not stop bugging me and pushing me to get up until I do. I HAVE to do it now. Which is good.... but he gets up at 530 in the morning. I will be getting up around 530 now. I am not going to enjoy it. In fact, when he agreed I said "I'm probably going to hate you for a bit" and he laughed... I think because we both know that I wont hate him...if I could I wouldn't listen to him... I need him to do it but fuck me sideways I am already dreading it.  Hopefully, this is the push I need and will be thanking him at the end of it. ... That or I may just string him up :P

My animals have also been enjoying their bed. They got a new one, or more accurately they actually got one today.

Now, this thing is totally big enough for both the cat and the dog. However, right now they are having sharing problems. The cat slept on it all afternoon, she walked off it and up into my lap and the dog moved on to it. They haven't figured out how to share yet. Poor gals, they'll get there I'm sure of it, I've seen them cuddle before.

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