Monday, July 19, 2010

Masturbation Is Teh Ebils

It causes blindness you know. *Nods* Thus you must stop when you just need glasses. At least that's my theory.

 So, here's the deal. B left in September... as in 10 months ago. From September until now there has been no penis to vagina interaction. I must say it is teh suck. "Teh Great Suck," really. There are two main problems with this. First, NO SEX! Thus, skin hunger is pretty damn great. Right now, I'm totally longing to be hugged and cuddled. It has been long enough I'm not craving a spanking, or biting (though that is totally there!) as much as I am craving skin on skin contact. My own skin does not suffice, which brings us to our second problem. Masturbation totally loses its fun and appeal around month 8, especially when there are no phone calls to supplement said time anymore. I can still orgasm, in fact I can orgasm pretty damn quickly.... but it's just not fulfilling the whole need anymore. Since I'm not willing to do casual or random sex I will have to live with it but damn! You know things are bad when you contemplate humping the couch or start waking up with your hand between your legs... every morning. I don't know who the fuck that's happening to. It must be Sephi *Nods*

I have had a friend or two with not so pure intentions ABOUT ANYTHING send me a pic and/or video (one of which I'm watching right now and holy fuck is it mesmorizing.There's just something about watching a guy come *shivers* Ya know?).  Because of all this my vagina is totally speaking to me again. It's usually a "Oh! Why not?!" or "What about him?" phrase to it. It's sounding slightly Betty Boop-ish. It has gone from sounding innocent to have an edge of slut. Sounds about right :P


  1. hey now! just cuz I was totally humping the documentary section of netflix last night doesn't mean....ok so it does.....damn. I shall go back to my morning diddle :P

  2. Hey, you're safe until he cuts off your hands! :P