Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Last 48... Hours That Is

Bullet like because I've been reading for hours.

  • I emailed Nilla the other day asking for Nilla-ly wisdom about Shamanism. She didn't know a lot herself, but! She sent my email to a friend of hers and I now have about 10 links with a ton of info! I are teh happeh!

  • During our emailing, I explained a boy dilemma to Nilla that I am not quite ready to bring to the blog. If her head doesn't explode it may be blog worthy.

  • I experienced jealousy when I heard Cael was collaring his gf. Not because of the commitment or that it wasn't me with him....but because she gets a fuckin collar! I wants one! Buying one for yourself is sooooo not the same!

  • I managed to embarrass the hell out of my grandmother today. Her, Lady Di and myself were talking about sex. Really not anything new with us. Eventually we got on the topic of bad sex...I'm not sure how but one of my ex's got brought up and I laughed and said "Yep, if you're laying there staring at the ceiling wondering when they'll be done it's not good sex."  After a shocked "Serene!" Her jaw fell open, she hung her head and started laughing. Lady Di told her that if she didn't really want the answers to those questions she shouldn't ask somebody that would actually answer them.

  • Cael just informed me that if I do not get up tomorrow morning when he wakes me up to exercise he wont talk to me until Wednesday... my response was the obvious "Bastage!" Effective but low!

  • Upon leaving my Grandmothers today I was gifted 4 teacups and 4 saucers. Next time I go back I get the other teacup and the plate set. I sense bribery.

  • After talking to Nilla, we think I may Unitarian Universalist... which is basically like a kid in a candy shop. We take bits and pieces that we like from all sectors of pagan religions and make them into one that works for us. Which makes total sense seeing as how I like aspects from a few different sectors of paganism.

  • I've been in a weird enough mood today that my mother smelled my Coke Lime drink and proclaimed "Well, there's no alcohol... maybe the lime went bad"  This was prompted by me playing with my bracelets and remarking that maybe thousands of years from now somebody will recover it and think that it is a ring... that maybe we were huge or a ring from a Diety fell down to earth and was buried until somebody worthy found it. Yep, completely sober folks. We think it may be a side effect of either no nap today or spending all day with Lady Di.

  • I like froggies. That is all.

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