Monday, July 5, 2010

Nothing To See Here

Just as the title suggests, there is nothing to see here. I don't think I have a lot to say tonight.

As I am typing this I am perched upon my bed, my fountains running and calming me and praying that I get tired soon. Today was Day 1 of (something... I attempted to make up a clever name and totally failed... I'll make one up at some point. Thanks for the patience :) ) Cael waking me up to exercise. He woke me up about 6 today, I didn't get out of bed and actually do anything until about 630... he wakes me up well... It's the getting out of bed I have trouble with. As soon as I sat up today my back pinched... last time it pinched and I went on the treadmill I ended up in bed for a week unable to move(literally had to crawl on hands and knees, tears streaming down my face to the bathroom.). This time... I was smarter, I did some weights and stretching instead and all seems well. Another bonus was that I didn't bit Caels head off when he tried to wake me. This is a major accomplishment and one of the many reasons I picked him to help. He woke me up with a "Wake up sunshine time to get up" ... I found it hard to be angry after that. Clever bastages, they're everywhere! Trouble is... it's after 9 and I am not remotely tired.

....Speaking of clever bastages, I have a dilemma. A panty dilemma. As in... I'm missing a pair. I threw three pairs down to be washed and only got two back, and the laundry room is empty. Confusion.

I started this post an hour ago and since then I got caught up in a conversation about my old dog. He was pretty much glued to my side ever since I was born right up until the day we had to put him down. Since I'm now teary I'm ending this post.

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