Friday, July 2, 2010

A Brief Fantasy

Lately I've been thinking. Thinking, mostly that I need a hard play session. Being beat and bruised and bawling until I'm empty of feeling and thought. *Shudders*

It would be so freeing and centering I think. Rope wrapped around my wrists and tied to a fixed point, ankles tied much the same, legs spread apart. Hands running over my thighs, seconds later smacking, getting harder and harder until my legs are red and I'm struggling to move. A mouth pressed against my neck and teeth biting down over  every piece of flesh it can get until I'm crying out and covered in bruises. Maybe a flogger over my ass and back, a hand slapping between my legs. Begging to stop and be released and having it all ignored.

I want it done harder and harder until I can't form words anymore. Until all I can do is cry and shake and moan, trying to pull my body into a ball. Then, maybe depending on who it is, being wrapped in the persons arms and held tight.

Sigh, oh wishes.