Monday, July 26, 2010


I quite like lobster, it's good. However, I have named this post "Lobster" because that is what I look like right now. My uncle and Lady Di were having a backyard BBQ thing and informed me I was going. That's right. They didn't ask, they informed.

The thing started at 1 but I ended up over there earlier helping Lady Di make burgers. It was... interesting. By the time we were done the burgers we're all uneven and, our stomachs hurt from laughing and we had driven everybody else from the kitchen. Apparently comparing burger meat to lady bits is disturbing. No sense of humor *nods*. When we were done in the kitchen a friend of theirs had shown up. I've met this particular friend several times and he still makes me uncomfortable. Not because of how he acts, but because he looks like the twin of my uncle who died years ago. I don't mean similar qualities... he looks EXACTLY like him. The first time people in my family see him they all end up gasping, my one aunt just about collapsed. It's like having a ghost walk through the door. However, my uncle was adopted and so was this guy so there is a chance they were brothers. It's kind of freaky.

Once he got there my uncle and him went out to the garage to start working on changing handlebars on a bike and Lady Di and I went out and sat on the grass. I stayed in the shade mostly, I'm not a fan of heat. After about an hour Lady Di walked over to the liquor store for beer and brought me back a bottle of wine. Normally I don't like wine but I had told her the day before about this particular wine and how much I liked it. Did I mention she is pretty much awesome?She are. So we sat out and she had several beer(it goes down very well for her) and I had a glass of my wine. After a while other people started showing up, mostly people I liked so that was a plus. I did however have to keep moving my chair back to stay in the shade and then finally everybody moved to the other side of the yard once it was completely lost. It was like sitting in a sauna yesterday.  We drank some more, talked some more and eventually I decided to head home so I could make supper over here.

This is about the time I changed and seen just how badly I had burned my legs. They are perilously close to crayola red. I am cursing Lady Di for all of her "Come sit with us" "Come talk with us"  "Nooo, stay out here" comments because I look like I should be slathered in butter and thrown on a plate.

This morning my mother came home and brought me Aloe Vera with a numbing something or other in it. I loves it. I can move, air no longer hurts haha. She also bought the patty stacker and mini chopper I wanted... I had a yay moment! Herbs, spices and kitcheny gadgets I get very excited about. Same with lotions, soaps and sprays... and pens and notebooks... Yes, I am unique :)

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