Saturday, July 24, 2010


I actually have a little bit to say today so before I forget I'm writing my post.

First, today I went shopping with Lady Di. We shouldn't be allowed out in public together, surely there is a law somewhere. First, before we had even left for town we had done something to embarrass my grandmother. I don't know what it is, we didn't do anything particularly obscene. At least not for us. Of course, considering how we feed off of one another it is entirely possible that she just foreseen the insanity and opted out. Of course, she didn't tell us that. Lady Di had gone out to her car to unlock doors and open windows (It's hot today. Good for my plants but holy hell I hate the heat) and I was standing the house playing with the cat and waiting for my grandmother. As she came up the stairs she looked at me funny and asked where Lady Di was, I told her and added that we were waiting for her to get ready. She then cocked her head to the side and said she wasn't going. The only thing I had to say to her was "Ooooh, you're going to be in trouble!"  Walking out to the car I could tell Lady Di was looking for the third of our now twosome. Once I told her that the third was not coming I got "Well! I unlocked the door and everything!" After which she marched into the house... I told her she was going to be in trouble. She managed to get out of it though, so Lady Di and I got in the car and started off.

As we were turning the corner we decided we should look for a house that was listed for sale. (The one I talked about in my last post was just bumped up by $20 000. Bastages!) After ten minutes of driving road after road (small town but the house numbers are all buggered up) we FINALLY found the house... right where I guessed that it would be. It doesn't look bad and is definitely preferable to the one they were looking at that would involve at least a 20 minute drive. When you don't drive it is kind of an issue.

The first stop was the farmers market. Quite a few vendors, however it is pretty expensive. The veggies weren't bad but selection was pretty slim which really kinda sucks. Carrots, peas, onions. The end. The odd different thing but not much and what was there was pretty expensive and not having loads of cash hinders the "Iwantitis" There were some pretty necklaces but again, I know I can get better quality ones for cheaper from a pagan-esque store in town. Lady Di however, bought me a grinder of garlic, herb spiced salt. Smells sooooooo good. I'm thinking it would be amazing on homemade bread. I did find several other spices I wanted but just couldn't get past the price. It was all from Epicure... and if you have ever looked at their site you know they are not cheap.  This has led me to a new obsession I think. I can totally make my own blends,  I tend to do it anyways I just hadn't really played with it to that extent, but! if this is as good as it smells I will just have to do it.

After the market we went to WalMart. Lady Di needed pictures printed, I needed a picture frame. All in all... not that much to talk about there. Howeva! Cherries are on sale and I will be getting some on tuesday. You cannot stop me.

Remember that pagan-eque shop I mentioned? We went there last. I recently bought a purple beaded necklace that my grandmother loved so despite her attitude today (Who wouldn't want to go shopping and be amused by us!) we got her one similar. Hers is blue. At this point I was introduced to my second new addiction. Perfume oils. Lady Di needed to get some patchouli for my uncle. They both love the smell of it. I cannot stand the stuff. While looking for it I picked  up several bottles of other oils to read them and during the process picked up one and the lid came off and the oil got on my fingers. It has been about 4 hours now, I've washed my hands several times and the scent is still there. I'm not sure what scent it is but ooh my gods I love it! I will be going back and getting some.

Finally, we went home and showed our treasures. My uncle got very excited when he seen that we had found and bought some cartoons he had been looking for, for a very long time. After which we all sat around for a while and started talking about a friend of the families that just died (motorcycle accident) and his will. Lady Di and my uncle then decided that they should do their own up at which point my uncle decided that I should be executor. Nope, really, read it again! That is a hell of a lot of responsibility, I can handle it but holy hell. He has a wife, a mother, two sisters and a nephew my age just to name a few options and he picks me? *Puffs chest* I is teh responsible. Whether it actually happens I don't know, but it makes me kinda nervous. I tend to hold together really well but gods. Nice to know I'm trusted, but this is a pretty damn huge brick wall of responsibility. I'll do it and he knows it but wow. (I'm done with "but" 's now.)Really that's all I got for that topic.

The fact that I have been sitting here smelling my fingertips because of that damn oil is starting to worry me a little. So clearly, the logical thing to do is to get more. MOAR!

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